Looking to get back into the AirBnB market in NYC, but a bit intimidated. Looking for advice

I was an AirBnB host in the past, hosting a small studio in the house my family owns. We had to cease operations because of frequent flooding, and I haven’t hosted in 3 years. Now looking to get back in, but the laws in New York City are confusing, and I’m a bit worried about how to approach this.

I live in a 2 family house. the second floor has 3 bedrooms, full kitchen, and a bathroom. My wife and I live on the first floor. My wife is still on the lease for the second floor because she used to live up there. We are looking to list two of the bedrooms individually. We want to keep the 3rd bedroom as an optional bedroom for family if they are visiting. What would be the best way to go about doing this without violating any rules and regulations? Can we create two different listings, one for each bedroom? Thank you in advance for any advice!

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You can create different listings for different rooms, I do know that. Welcome to the forum, I hope one of the hosts who lives in your area is able to give you some advice on this. :slight_smile:

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Have you had a look at the advice Airbnb provides on its website?

It seems to be fairly comprehensive and also links directly to the city regulations for New York.


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Your wifes name is on the lease? Would you have permission to short term lease out the property from the landlord? What does your lease say about subletting?

Lease? Do you own this two family house?