Looking to connect with hosts in and around Melbourne and Sydney, Australia

Hi I have a weekly email mail out that promotes Airbnb last minute and special deals. It’s growing (and so is the social media following) and I now need to connect with more hosts as I’m running out of deals! It’s completely free for hosts. You can use it to discount your unbooked nights or you can offer a special deal, like book two nights and get free brekky, or a bottle of wine or something like that. Anyway, if you’d like to know more, let me know.

How about Brisbane??

Mos def! That was going to be my next post. Can you send me an email to airbnblastminute at gmail dot com and I’ll send you some more details. Sorry, it won’t let me post proper email address.


Natalia you are probably best contacting the various city forums in Australia directly. This is an international forum of hosts.

By the way how do you target potential guests wanting Airbnb in Sydney and Melbourne?

If it’s a free resource for hosts, how do you monetise it?

Hi Helsi,
Thanks for your email. I have tried some of the facebook groups by region
but not having much luck so far. I have actually had most success with this
forum! But thanks.
I use facebook ads to target people wanting airbnbs in Sydney and Melbourne
(and surrounds) which works pretty well. Plus Instagram.
I have a landing page which I will turn into a website and (hopefully) get
advertising to make money later down the track. Just concentrating on
building the email list at the moment. I will be launching a competition in
September so hoping that will help.
Any advice on how to target hosts in Australia would be most appreciated!