Looking to connect with Australian Airbnb hosts for an academic research study

Hi Australian hosts!

We are a team of hospitality researchers from the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (part of Torrens University Australia). We are interested in learning more about how Australian Airbnb hosts talk and interact with their guests using short surveys and interviews.

Of particular interest to us are the techniques adopted by hosts to communicate, respond and interact with guests during their stay.

All hosts, Australia-wide, are invited to participate including those who may co-host for others.

The short (five-minute) online survey asks questions about how you host on Airbnb. Interviews will later be conducted using Skype at the convenience of participating hosts. Hosts may participate in just the survey or the survey and interview. Hosts who participate in the interview can receive a summary of results. These results can help you learn from other Airbnb hosts.

If you’re interested in participating, please click the survey link below or email me at madalyn.scerri(at)laureate.edu.au. We would love to hear from you!

Take the survey here:


Please share the link with anybody who you think might have great insights and experiences to share.

Thank you so much,

Dr Madalyn Scerri

Mods: My apologies; I couldn’t find how to PM you privately to request permission to post. Please let me know if this post is not OK with your guidelines.

It seems okay to me.

Thank you for your reply Dusty

There are a few Australian hosts on here. I did the online quiz. Someone else from MU I think was doing something similar and asked for volunteers here. You had to fill and sign a permission form and return it though which IMO is too much work. At least you’ll get some responses from the first online part which is open to all.