Looking for STR hosts in Coronado CA

Hello, we are looking to offer cleaning services for STRs in the Coronado California area. Does anyone know any hosts that may need a good reliable cleaner in the Coronado area? Not really sure where to start. Thanks in advance.

Generally, this goes the other way around. Folks are usually seeking you out. . . Try local Facebook groups to put your name out there. That’s where my wife is all the time when we’re looking for staff in the markets we operate (sadly, not Coronado).

I’m very new to this forum. But I’ve found hosts here to be geographically scattered from what I can tell. So this may not be the best place to look for more clients.

Another idea is to check this forum: https://community.withairbnb.com/ There, users geographical locations are available on their userID publicly. You can also click through their listings (if they’re in a market you want to try annd operate) to see if you’d like to solicit your services them that way.

Good luck!


It’s the same as any other business @rdelrincon

Start by doing your market research to identify who you see as target customer and what you can offer that is different/ better than your competitors.

Invest in marketing and advertising to promote your business to your potential customers.

And then do what? Send them an Inquiry message advertising your services? That the host has to respond to within 24 hrs, even though it’s not about a booking? That’s not okay.

Advertising one’s services isn’t allowed on the Airbnb forum, either.


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AirBnB forums that are NOT like this one

That’s an awful idea to suggest a supplier contacts hosts through Airbnb. Most hosts hate suppliers who spam them through their Airbnb listing, particularly as it can affect your ratings if you have to refuse their ‘booking’. @JohnnyLounge21