Looking for small wedding recomendations?

I am new to the site and I am attempting to find a home to host my (probably indoor) wedding. My date is November 12th 2016. I have at the most 50 people coming (although it may be less, quite a few are from out of town). I am looking in the North East area, DE, PA, NJ, NY, MD, MAYBE VT or VA.

My budget is pretty flexible at this point, $500-$4000? I am starting with about $500-$1000 for one night, although I would be willing to pay much more for some other factors, for example:

  • I like the place enough to stay afterward for a honeymoon, maybe somewhere in the hamptons, or it has things like a spa/hot tub, or somewhere on the lake with relaxing things to do
  • There is enough room for SOME others to stay the night. I definitely do not want everyone staying the night afterwards.
  • Possibly other things I am not thinking of…

Anyway, I do not see a way to search listings that allow weddings or even events, and the few that I have contacted have said no outright. Anyone have any recommendations? Am I wasting my time? Thanks

Hi @samela101

I think you’ve come to the wrong site to be honest. We are all hosts and we are situated all over the world…