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Looking for refund after more thn 30 days


I had [posted on here last month that a guest wasn’t happy with memory foam mattress …she just email me and asked why she got charged … she didn’t cancel her reservation … so it stayed active… she wrote an email asking what I am going to do about it …her reservation was july 30th over 30 days ago … I sent her 3 emails telling her that we had changed out the mattress … but she didn’t reply to any of them …some people


Exactly! Some people! Do you know what I’ve noticed with people lately? When they aren’t interested anymore, rather than saying no, they just refuse to reply ever again. Apparently the Internet makes them feel safe to not use any kind of basic courtesy, as if writing an email saying ‘I’m sorry, but I’ve changed my mind’, or whatever it is after we’ve gone to the trouble to communicate with them at their instigation.

Guests do it all the time by writing long gushy messages about how they’d like to stay, and when you reply with some answers etc. Nothing - they’ve found somewhere else, and their friendly and courteous message dissolves into a ‘I don’t need to bother replying to you anymore because your not any use to me now’. Apparently not replying is the new ‘no’. My guests this weekend were awesome at this game. They even claimed when leaving that they had no coverage to reply to messages asking to confirm things they asked to be done in the room, except when they told us where they were for the day we know the area well (popular town) it has perfect cell coverage. It would be next to impossible to lose coverage to an entire day around where we are. You’d have to really drive some distance. But some people just lie - don’t know why they even bothered.


You snooze, you lose!

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