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Looking for New channelmanager (Hostaway/Lodgify)


Our current management software provider changed some essential funktions.

Because of this we want to stop working with them and move to a different one.

I have been in contact with @Hostaways a long time ago and then they were interesting but more expensive than the current provider.

I have not tested Lodgify yet.

Anyone have any good suggestions?


There is only 1 solution: “Always doublecheck yourself”

There is no other or better solution to always check your cleaners work, and check everything before arrival.

Cleaners are just people, they can make mistakes, have a bad day, or intentionally leave some things unfinished.

Our cleaners often leave the windows open for some fresh air, or the fridges open to thaw.
It is our job to close them and make sure everything is ready for the next guest.

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I am using hostaway and working good

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