Looking for hosts to interview for my blog

Hi fellow hosts!
I have recently set up a blog that provides, “tricks, tips and tales from an Airbnb (super) host”. As part of this, I am including a host interview series where I interview hosts (one host per blog post) to understand what they love and don’t love about Airbnb as well as their top tips for success etc. I also include photos from your listing and a direct list to it (assuming you want that). If you are interested, please let me know and I can send you some questions. Thanks in advance!

Who will your target audience be?

Target audience is Airbnb hosts or people who are thinking of hosting on Airbnb .

The issue from a hosts point of view is that your target audience are unlikely to be the sort of people looking to stay in an Airbnb.

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Yes I totally appreciate that. It’s not really an advertising ploy, it’s more about anyone who wants to share their Airbnb tips

We already massively share them here, so I don’t immediately see a reason to spread out our tips on other blogs. Hosts wanting to learn should just come to this masterclass :wink:, with the added advantage that they can ask questions and discuss different points of view.