Looking for help with listing - I am new

I have just started my hosting experience with Airbnb and need your advise, at first all went well. I got easily booked but now my ranking decreased. Can You please have a look and advise what should I need to change in my listing

Your every advise will be highly appreciated

A couple of things; your ranking may have dropped because you’re no longer getting the boost new hosts receive so they get bookings easily. Secondly a quick look at your competitors suggests while you’re a little more expensive a lot are offering a much more modern and bright apartment.

I’d recommend you look at what hosts in your immediate vicinity are offering at a similar price point.

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Get some professional photos taken! First impressions are really important

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Those photos are first class compared to some of the listings I’ve seen. I’m constantly amazed at how many listings I find with 50+ 5 star reviews, 4 or 5 low res pictures, and zero pictures of the bathroom.


Even so, getting a pro snapper in can’t make things worse, and may give a boost to lettings. Not reason not to do it

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This is very likely. Here’s an article about the new host boost.

You might also consider free or low cost ways to add value to your listing.

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Thanks a lot Jonr :heart::slight_smile:

It will depend if there is a pro in your area of course, but it you write to Air, they should be able to advise.


Thank You very much very useful articles :slight_smile:

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https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/17773278 Updated with photos and added value :slight_smile: hope it is better now

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