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Looking for Boulder Host!

Looking for an Experienced Host for my elegant and historic Boulder, CO home!!

Hi Cindi,
What exactly are you looking for in a host? Are you wanting someone on site? Are you wanting them to do all the cleaning? Will you be managing the online interactions or do you want the host to do that?
I’m about 45 minutes from Boulder and would be happy to chat. I’m looking to manage a few more properties but the distance would limit my ability to be on site too frequently.

hello @CindiSunshine

Is there a local host group for Boulder that you could post on to ask for recommendations?

Do make sure you only work with co-hosts that offer a contract specifying work they will carry out, payment terms etc and do take up references.

I would suggest you employ a local co-host who can quickly be on hand in the event that something goes wrong with the property or there are problem guests.

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Hi Cindi,
Just checking to see if you’ve found someone yet. I’m available, and I can provide references. I’m a Superhost with 3+ years experience and multiple listings.
Thank you,

Hi Denise, Thanks for reaching out. Can you please clarify what your asking? Yes I’m looking for good guests if that’s what U mean. Cheers!!

Taking your original post at face value, Denise has put herself forward as a co host that you were asking for in October. Sounds like she’s a good host, rather than a guest.

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Hi! I thought your post was asking for help with your home in Boulder. I am an Airbnb host in northern Colorado and I manage 10 properties, but I also help other hosts with turnovers and errands if they live out of town. I was just letting you know that I’m available if you needed assistance. I also need good guests! :slight_smile: These are crazy times, although thankfully the bookings are starting to trickle in for the summertime.

Thanks for messaging me back, and Happy Wednesday!


Also, my very best cleaner happens to be my 21 year old daughter. She’s an art major, and very detail oriented. She’s also a perfectionist, which is a great quality to have as a cleaner. She’s moving to Boulder in August. Let me know if you’d want her contact information as a back-up person.

Hi Denise,
I’m interested in connecting with you regarding co hosting and cleaning. I’m brand new on this site but am an experienced host. Is there a way we can connect privately to discuss if your still interested? I’m located in South boulder.

Hi Brandi,
I originally replied to you via email but for some reason it didn’t work. I would love to connect with you. Please text me at [edit] and we can chat about possibly meeting (virtually or on person).
Thank you,
Denise Schuetter

Do you really want your phone number on a public forum? I will edit it out. You can edit it back if you wish but it’s not very wise to have your full name and your phone number available for anyone in the world to see. Try a PM.

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We have used cobnb co in the past for this, and we like them. They are mainly in Breck and Denver but (at least when we used them a year ago) wanted to extend to Boulder. They did a good job for us over Summer while we were away.

Thank U Do much for reaching out.

Sounds like this can b a great fit, including g your daughter,

And I’d love to help her here in Boulder in any way I can

Let’s speak

Cheers, Cindi

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