Looking for Airbnb Hosts for a 15-20 minute interview

Hello Everyone, Happy New Year!

My name is Alison and I’m looking to interview Airbnb hosts who have been hosting for at least 1 year in a quick 15-20 minute video call in exchange for a $10 Amazon gift card (compensation upon completion).

I’m currently a User Experience Design student working on a completely independent project to better understand the overall Airbnb Hosts experience with their Guests. There will be series of questions asked, but generally each conversation tends to be different and absolutely no right or wrong answers!

I appreciate any/all feedback and if you’re interested in sharing yours, please message me directly or email me at: khaw.alison@gmail.com

Disclaimer: This interview will only be used to help me figure out how to improve the host to guest experience, and it won’t be seen by anyone except the people working on this project. I’ve attempted to get a hold on a moderator as well for pre-approval of this post but can’t seem to figure out how to PM one :sweat_smile:.

Thank you for your time in advance! Let me know if there are any questions I can answer for you!

this is an international forum…are you country specific?

You could easily get an idea of the issues hosts deal with by spending time reading this and other hosting forums, but none of you “researchers” ( of which there are plenty) ever seem to consider doing that sort of self-driven research.

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Hi! I am US-based but have no limitations for the interviews. US & International Airbnb Hosts are eligible in this research.

Hi Muddy, thanks for your input! I actually have been spending quite some time on this forum and reading through the topics as you suggested in a self-driven manner. The reason why I’m deciding to reach out for interviews is to dive deeper within the problems I’ve read on this forum thus far.

I will put my hand up!

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alkhaw, I’m willing to be interviewed.

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@Debthecat @RebeccaF, thank you for your interest! Pardon my lack of expertise in navigating this forum - would it be possible if you could message or email me (khaw.alison@gmail.com) as it seems like I haven’t been granted the ability to personal message someone yet.

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Yes the forum is based on a software that incorporates “trust levels.” This builds community and cuts down on spam.

I emailed you as I am willing to be interviewed as well.

Only one caveat about putting your email on this site. It’s a public forum and anyone could easily email you and claim to be a host. So you might want to verify they are hosts by asking them to send a link to their listing. That said, I can confirm that Debthecat and RebeccaF are hosts.


@alkhaw Who do you work for? Airbnb or an agency that’s been hired to actually do the work, or a research firm? When you say only those working on the project will see it, who does that include at Airbnb? Will you be recording the conversation either screen or voice? Will you be attributing quotes in presentations to a host by name? I think you should provide more detail before any host talks to you. @KKC


Hi @Atlnative, happy to answer those questions for you! Hope these clear some things up.

  • I’m a student, not working for anyone currently.
  • There are a total of two people (including myself) working on this project. We are both not affiliated with Airbnb in any way, shape, or form – just two students trying to expand their experience and learn as much as they can. No one at Airbnb will be receiving any information collected.
  • The interview will not be recorded.
  • Quotes will be pulled based on the responses we receive throughout the interview, however, it will not be associated to the interviewee’s name in any fashion.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can answer for you!


My apologies, you did stay you were an independent student and shame on me for not reading more closely. I’m happy to help if you can send a photo of your student ID before we talk and I would not need the gift card.

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No worries. I am a student of an online bootcamp, unfortunately, we aren’t granted student IDs or anything of that nature but i’m happy to provide any other information! If you’d be interested in continuing with an interview, feel free to reach out to me via email: khaw.alison@gmail.com!

I just finished the interview with @alkhaw. Very pleasant talking with her.


I also did the interview and she answered my questions and offered to send information about the research when they complete it. I did get the Amazon reward right away as well.


I am willing, this is my 16th year, not always with Air b and b. First lousy experience on Dec 26 2020.