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Looking for active Airbnb users for an interview in US



I am reposting this as I need of some participants for the research study.

I am a doctoral student and I am seeking participants for a research study on Airbnb. The study is part of my dissertation and I want to interview 10-15 hosts and 10-15 guests ( local or remote) for about 30-45 minutes. The study aims to understand the role of diverse forms of interactions between host and guests enabled by the Airbnb platform and its impact on the transaction outcomes. The study is approved by IRB at my institution and data gathered during the process will be confidential and your names will be anonymized.

Note: You must be above 18 to participate in this study.

Two random participants can win an Amazon Gift card worth $50!

To participate please fill up the following short questionnaire.

Please message me if you have any questions.
Thank you.

Happy Hosting!


Hello @hsadhya

I think what many students and researchers don’t appreciate is that as hosts we get literally hundreds of approaches from people like you asking us to give our time and expertise for free to help you with your research.

I think Airbnb must be one of the most over researched topics out there :slight_smile:

I am not trying to be negative just help you understand why you have already posted here and on other forums and still not got the participants you need.

Also in market research terms if you want to interview participants you should really expect to reward them for their time either financially or through a voucher of some sort, rather than just offering a chance to win a gift card. This will increase the likelyhood of people coming forward.


Hi @Helsi

Thanks for your reply and suggestion. Airbnb is definitely one of the most researched topics and researchers are looking for “real” insights from the users of the platform.

I also agree on your point of providing each participant a reward of some sort to increase participation rate and I definitely have it in mind for future studies but currently I am restricted to do this provision.



Why only US participants? This is an international forum.

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