Looking for a professional host in the Netherlands

Hi Hosts!

I am new to this forum and hope that I post my question according to the set regulations… though the only question I wanted to ask was if anybody of you know a professional hosting company/person within the Netherlands?

I’ll post this questions within multiple existing topics, hope it is not perceived as spamming, though I am hoping to find an answer soon…

Hope to hear from you guys!

Kind regards,


Hi Max,

Where in the Netherlands is your property based? I’m guessing you need someone nearby.

If you are in Amsterdam, I know Marcel (bnbservice.nl) He can guide you about regulations and management.

Hi ImogenM,

Thanks for the swift reply! I’ve multiple, though most of them are based in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. You know someone/a good company nearby those areas?

Thanks, will send him an email coming week for some extra information!

Sorry, not yet. But as we are also in the Netherlands (Alkmaar) I wanted to see if we were near your properties (possible co-hosts!)

I will keep my eyes/ears open in case we meet a good person for you.

@Max1 you should be able to link to the co-host option on the tab at the top of your listing and it will identify local superhosts in your area who offer co-hosting. You can them approach them to provide you with a quote.