Looking for a New Zealand host to interview for an article

Hi, I’m an Airbnb host (and a traveller), but I’m also a journalist by day. I’m looking for an interviewee for an article - which means having your Airbnb promoted in the magazine for free - to likeminded readers. :slight_smile:
The article is for the New Zealand Property Investor magazine. I’m looking for a very specific type of host. It needs to be a host who takes Airbnb guests in their own home, but also owns or has owned other tenancies let out on standard long term tenancy agreements under the Residential Tenancies Act. The reason for this requirement is that the magazine is looking at how hosting Airbnb is a way of making a return on their investment in their own home. The requirement for a landlord/investor with experience with long term tenancies is that they will be familiar with concepts such as yield and will be someone readers can identify with. If you are able to help, please email diana@wordfusion.com
FYI ifyou Google me you will see I write regularly about property investment and personal finance for various publications in New Zealand.
Fingers crossed that someone can help.
Diana Clement

Iam a New Zealander but my airbnb property is not in NZ.

I think perhaps you should go on Air and contact hosts at home directly - you won’t find many NZers here I’m afraid!

Thanks Kirsty. I did contact local hosts as well at the same time via the NZ facebook group and I found a suitable case study. It turned out to be another jouranlist. :slightly_smiling: