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So the overriding question is this: Should be submit a claim to Airbnb before or after we submit a review for the guest? We are afraid that once the guest is informed of our complaint it could skew their review of us but Airbnb requires us to submit our claim before the next guests check in (which is tomorrow).

I would characterize the place as being messy, but not filthy. They also left a few items behind. Moved furniture around. But what annoyed the most was that the place wreaked of cannabis so badly that I was almost sick after walking through for only 2 minutes. Fortunately it aired out with the windows open but not before it gave me a headache.

I was also informed by two neighbors that at least six individuals were seen entering and exiting the house between the hours of 1am and 3am. One neighbor mentioned there was a large group smoking outside. Also found cannabis (tobacco) on the kitchen floor. Obviously it was a party but at least not too loud.

We don’t allow smoking or parties. We also state that the unit is intended for no more than 4 guests even though there seemed to be six. The cleanup took longer than usual because of the smell and the degree of having to inspect the place for potential damage. Not to mention the fact that multiple rules were violated.

(To be fair we are not judgmental about smoking/cannabis. We just don’t allow it in our place so that those who do not smoke don’t have to tolerate the smell. There are lots of hazards associated with having open flames. We’re just not willing to assume those risks.)

You don’t say what it is you’re claiming for? You need to submit your claim as soon as possible and also write an honest review for the benefit of other hosts. Whatever it is you’re claiming for, would the guests accept or dispute it?

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You MUST submit a claim before the next guest.

What is your claim? You cannot get money because guests were messy, smoked pot in your listing or had a party (even if no smoking and no parties is mentioned in your House Rules). You must show evidence of physical damage that occurred only during this Guest (before and after photos for example) to even begin to think about getting money from the guests or Airbnb.

Your complaint cannot “skew their review of you”.

All you can really do is give the Guest a truthful, unemotional negative Public review mentioning their poor behavior.


As other have mentioned it is unclear what your claim will be for. May be best just to leave a negative review. Some hosts have placed fines in their house rules for such items as smoking. They have had mixed results collecting on them. Unfortunately, Airbnb security deposit is fake/

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Claim for extra cleaning time. Were there any other damages?

6 individuals is not a party so I would hesitate to use that term in your review.

You can certainly say they violated rules with smoking in the house or unregistered guests but don’t demonize them or I think you will come off looking badly. No conclusions. No emotions.

You cant claim for anything as there was no lasting damage. This is like the hotel business. Sometimes you just gotta suck it up and spend more time cleaning and muttering curses and hexes at them under your breath while doing so. And then to balance out the Universe, you get that guest who makes you wonder if they were even there at all…

You can also say that anyone in the house after 11pm will be considered an overnight guest and charge them. Hosts don’t even have to allow guest visitors.

What’s the claim for? Extra charge for cleaning? If it’s an extra charge you can send the guest a request for additional payment.