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Look out for Dodgy booking enquiries


Hi. Has anybody had any dealings with people who sound dodgy in their enquiry messages? Are there people who spam people who are advertising. Its just that I have only just started advertising with airbnb and wondering what to look out for. Thanks in advance.


People can’t book until they register and join Air BnB, their identity is verified by Air BnB or they can’t join. So you will not get fake people, they must prove they are who they say they are in order to join Air BnB and qualify to book a room.
I would look out for people who send either no or very little information about themselves with their booking request. You can check up on any reviews they have and their information by going to their membership page.
I won’t rent to someone who says. “I want to book 2 nights… 22-23rd” and that is it. If they write and sound illiterate, that too would make me skip renting to them.
You are FREE to take only who you want, after you check their Air BnB membership page and read any reviews on them.
Depending on where you live, will determine if you might get some bad types. Big cities where people come to go clubbing might be a problem for example. Drinking and renting don’t mix.


Yes, I’ve kind of had this. The man was trying to get me into hosting high school students (which is a lot of work, you have to cook for them and drive them around). I reported it to Air.


If they are being deliberately vague or avoiding answering certain questions, that usually has my antennae raised!


Although sometimes English is their second language. I’ve had sketchy or no communication from odd guests…even some who used a cartoon icon as a profile pic… Literally zero to say…They arrived and were the sweetest people ever… Worked at Amazon in Seattle so were a bit nerdy. I gave them a great review…You never can tell.

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