Long-Term Stays -- Also, Experience with Corporate Housing By Owner?

So I’m generally averse to any stay over 28 nights – due to the risks associated with guests becoming able to claim tenants rights. I made an exception recently for a nice group visiting Los Angeles from the UK who stayed for all of March. I did love that my vacancy for that month was 0% :smile:.

Based on the benefits of 0% vacancy, I’ve been starting to ponder whether I should explore offering longer-term options but only in very specific circumstances. Does anyone have any general advice for long-term stays? Any red flags that might hint at a guest being a potential squatter?

Also, does anyone have any experience with corporate housing sites, like Corporate Housing By Owner? My gut would tell me that corporate housing might be less risky in terms of squatters, but I don’t know enough to know.

Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated!!

@metavirus we have rented via Home Suite in SF and had a great experience. I have never listed my house on their service, but from the guest perspective it was great. Mainly all corp type housing or families coming to stay for 30 days while housing was getting sorted out.

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