Long term stay pet fees

I allow dogs in my place for no additional charge. However I have some longer stays with pets coming up and I know that the cleaning will be significantly more. Especially if they opt not to bring in a clear during their stay. Trying to figure out how to include a pet fee for longer stays only and am struggling with where to put that in the listing. Does anyone have advice or help on this ? Thanks

Put it in the first paragraph. Put it in the “house rules.” The airbnb platform isn’t well suited to “longer stays.” I’m not sure what you mean. Do you mean 10 days because Airbnb only has a flat fee for pets?

Some hosts do not give guests the “option” to not have mid-stay cleanings for a longer booking. They like to make sure the place doesn’t get too dirty and also make sure the guest isn’t living like a pig. But like KKC, I don’t know what you consider to be a “longer” booking. Most of my guests book for 1-2 weeks and I don’t consider that a “longer” stay.

It sounds like you want to charge the upcoming stays extra fees for the pets. I’m afraid you can’t do that after they’ve booked. It has to be in the listing at the time they book.

I am one of those hosts and a weekly linen/towel change plus a basic cleaning is something that is (usually) appreciated by guests and it also allows the host, as @muddy says, to keep an eye on the place.

The guests might be unwittingly doing something that would cause extra cleaning or other problems.

For example, the problem I find more often than any other is that some guests don’t appreciate that in this climate, it’s essential to put food away and avoid crumbs because they can encourage insects.

As @PitonView says, you can’t charge additional fees for guests who have already booked so a free weekly clean is your best bet.

Thanks everyone for the replies.