Long term/short term rental and insurance

if you use Airbnb and you only rent a minimum of 30 days would that be considered a long term rental and would allow the homeowners insurance to cover the long term rental?

I wouldn’t have thought so, but check with your insurance company.

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Long term is a minimum of 6 months in the UK. Not sure where you are based @diamond54

I always thought long term rental was thirty consecutive days but checking with the agent and reading ALL the fine print of your policy would be best.

Here in Hawaii anything under 180 days is considered short term! And is subject to the TAT.

The definition of long term/short term would be defined by your insurer and not by a standard definition of 30 days or more. Each insurance company is different so the best thing to do to make sure you’re not violating your terms and conditions is to check with your broker/insurance company.

Many renters do not think they need to buy a renters insurance policy because they do not own the house or apartment building they live in. Many renters overlook the fact that the owner’s insurance coverage does not protect the replacement value of the renter’s belongings or his liability for injury or loss to others that occur in his rented quarters. Anyone who rents a house, loft or apartment, whether a student, renting a room off campus, a senior citizen enjoying retirement, or those who are still working, must make sure to take the time to assess their risk of loss of physical possessions, or through a legal liability for loss to others. I agree with @Cyn better you get some insurance quotes via internet or something. Also, get more information about renters insurance, if necessary.

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I don’t think this is the case at all. Renters are perfectly aware that their belongings need their own tenants insurance.

What renters probably aren’t aware of the is the risk of invalidating their landlords insurance by listing the property on Airbnb.

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I am a 27 year Insurance agent in California. A home policy does NOT cover any rental exposure. There is special liability you need because renting is a business transaction. A regular Home Rental policy does NOT cover ‘Short Term/ Vacation’ rentals. Short Term rentals are usually defined as " rented on a daily or weekly basis" but check with your current company.

Not true in the UK. Some insurers will cover short term lets if you notify them.

Does this also apply when we’re in the home and renting rooms on a short term basis?