Long term guests

I would like to try to gradually switch over to having longer term guests in a private apartment. What is the most useful way to manage bookings so that occupancy will not suffer?

How long is long term? Where I live guests become tenants after 30 days…

Guests are like fish, they both start to stink after a few days.



If you want to cater to long term tenants, it’s probably better to list through agencies and websites that cater for this market, take up references and credit checks and issue contracts @colleague

That is true in Rhode Island as well.

I’d think long and hard before I did LTR through Airbnb.

  • Rent is 15% less because you’re paying Airbnb a service fee
  • You have no (functional) deposit or first/last months’ rent
  • You’ll want a lease in place (you can do this on air, but has to be disclosed in listing. Still can’t have an extra deposit, which is against Air’s TOS)
  • Is 30 days notice sufficient? That’s all you get through Air. A 6-month booking could suddenly change to 30 days.

I’d find tenants through employers, classifieds, or facebook/craigslist. Fill in the open dates with STR/Airbnb reservations.