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Long term cancellation policy experience

92 days

At day 12 he wanted to vacate after 26 days because he found a place closer to work (I have no idea what the price will be). He wants to vacate his house on the 26th day of his stay (so BEFORE his second monthly payment. I have not yet approved ABB’s desired way of making the change.

I know how they work based on the stated
Policy but my very first booking was also 30 days and was canceled after she showed up and we did a doggy Meet & Greet because of some weirdness in her not actually needing to move out yet (although she claimed to ABB that since I outranked her it wasn’t legal for her to stay at my house, which was not true, although I had by chance met her in a store on base and she had helped me out with some stuff the army was doing to me at the time…I outranked her but she was very senior to me in years if service, she enlisted non commissioned officer sergeant major and I was a commissioned officer major) and they tried to refund her everything! I was very new so ended up getting 3 days out of it $52 total) as that was the number of days it took for the back and forth to straighten it all out…never again get taken that way!

IF guest had already paid the second month I would not have any issues. Also, I explained to the guest exactly how it would work and he agreed which is he only reason ABB is willing to change the reservation to the 30 day notice date. Very weird!

It is 88 days, I think, and 2 days of orientation and he arrived a day and a half before to get his dogs and himself moved in and settled.

I am missing he relevance though, whether he is in the Locum Tenens position or not.

I guess my question wasn’t clear. I meant was that a direct booking or was it on Airbnb but you also had them sign the lease?

aaah… I think I found my confusion in my fuzzy cold ridden brain…I see where your questions falls… He is cancelling or requesting to alter his reservation within the original 30 days so he is only staying 26 days in total and there is no gtd you are going to be paid for anything beyond the original 30 days you have already been paid since it appears that the total reservation was not paid in full at the time of booking. Am I correct so far? IMHO I would advise ABB that I would be willing to alter the reservation for departure at the end of his 30 days that you have already been paid for.

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The problem with waiting until the 27th is that he will be leaving on the 23rd and there is no way to possibly rebook the days he is not there until it is actually canceled.

Airbnb should just follow their own MANDATED POLICY. The problem with their system is that one cannot cancel for a future date…one cannot (shouldn’t) cancel until they are ready and able to actually leave. I guess the problem there is only on the guest who then has less chance of rebooking where I have offered to refund. At this point it has been 3 days and the reservation still stands.

I wonder if he should just cancel and immediately rebook his remaining 11 days at the weekly price (and pay an additional cleaning fee for the new booking, unless I feel like refunding it), which I would only do if it would be over and above what I would receive if they just followed their policy.

In looking at other areas of the help center about the long term policies I found an unfortunate thing about ALTERATIONS. If the guest alters the reservation with more than 30 days left in their stay then it gets approved automatically with no input possible from the host…how bass ackwards is that!!! It ENCOURAGES guests to book for long term (especially if a discount is provided by the host) and then alter it to earlier, they avoid cancellation and host approval altogether! I’m just glad that my guest called ABB instead of just submitting his change request…

No not on Airbnb, but if I did anything longer than 30 days in Air I would definitely get a lease.

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Is that in your House Rules?

So I got this tonight from Eunnie the case manager:

“We will not be cancelling the reservation on the 23rd, but another alteration will be processed.

We will be to make the changes on the system, and there is no action to be done on your end. I would like to know if you would agree on the guests request.”

She never answers why they don’t just follow the mandated Airbnb policy…she seems to think that this change will be the best for everyone…at least that is what she tells me and never answers how or why when I ask.

It is their insistence that makes me question. I am just so gun shy with them that I feel like I am being intentionally screwed by them as has often been done in the past…Any further thoughts? I am not sure how altering it again on the 23rd will Garner me any money let alone the $614.69 she said i will get.

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