Long Term Booking

I rent out three rooms in my house and I have one couple who booked for a month and a half, they also brought their 9 month old baby.

This couple booked the room with a bathroom that is shared with another Airbnb room. Since arriving I have found out that they are homeless. As the days creep on more of their stuff seems to arrive in the house. There is now a large baby contraption and infant seat/tray in the kitchen and a baby tub in the bath tub. There is also constantly baby food left over on the table in the dining room and the kitchen is a mess.

I have receive two 4 star review for cleanliness from the last two guests who have stayed and shared a bathroom with them.

after asking the mom to clean the areas that she uses immediately after she uses them and to remove the baby tub from the shared bathroom. I came home for lunch and stepped in yellow baby food that was on the kitchen floor. - not to mention i don’t like all the mystery food that my dog has been finding on the floor. - she’s a stay at home mom, no excuse not to clean up.

one more complaint. – i had to disconnect the gas fire place after asking for the 4th time for them to stop leaving the house after turning on the fire. my gas bill has literally doubled since they arrived.

what should I do, being direct has not helped and I cannot constantly clean up after them.
I feel bad about asking a homeless couple with a baby to leave but they are booked until the end of December.

I’m thinking of using this weekend to deep clean and asking her to leave rooms exactly how they look after they have been cleaned. Any suggestions to get through this next month are much appreciated.

If you want to be a social service agency that’s your choice. You are going to lose out on booking the other room and you’re going to be miserable. I wouldn’t waste my time doing a deep clean and telling them to keep it like that, it’ll will just end up making you mad. If you want to give them another chance, tell them one more time that if they don’t start cleaning up TODAY you are going to call Airbnb and get their reservation cancelled. If it were me they’d be gone already.


Oh-oh…it’s got all the makings for a squatter situation.


I sincerely hope that you’re in Florida or one of the other states which does NOT have the “30 days and you get Renter’s Rights”. If that’s the case they could be VERY hard, time consuming, and expensive to evict.

Social Service or Hospitality Business. You can’t be both. Fish or cut bait.

Oregon. The terms of lease can be week to week or an agreed upon period of time.
I also have a clause that they must vacate by check out time or they will be charged $30 per hour that they over stay. My boss is also on the Oregon Landords Board. - he’s a good resource.
I’m also not afraid to take all their possessions and put them on the curb and tow away their car.
Don’t get me wrong they are nice enough people, I’m just trying to look for a way to get the whole clean up your mess message across.
I am leaving Dave Ramsey books around the house too.

If they do decide to squat you may still be in trouble. You will need to follow your state’s procedure for eviction. The $30 per hour threat won’t work necessarily and may not be enforceable. After 30 days in most states your guests become your tenants and are entitled to due process. You cannot put their stuff on the curb. Not saying it will happen but if it does please contact an attorney so you can make sure it’s done correctly.

You say you have a long term lease with them? I hope you do. Your air terms won’t cover you in the event they decide to squat. Why? Because after 30 days they become your tenants.

Ken as I understand it, it’s two weeks in Florida, not 30 days.

So from what I understand. In Oregon you can have a fixed term lease verbally or in writing. For an enforceable lease longer than a month tenant and landlord must have a written standard lease agreement (not Airbnb). for a fixed term after that term has expired you can renew that time period or end the agreement.
I do appreciate your words of caution though. And they have about 27 days left so it won’t hurt to send a written 30days notice of eviction to them anyway. - There does not need to be cause if tenant has been in the residence less than 1 year.

Might be worth paying a lawyer a couple hundred bucks to do this right. If you give written notice now won’t you be allowing them 30 more days? I would first wait to see if they move out at the end of the month. Don’t jump the gun?

Or call air as others have suggested and see if you can’t get this cancelled.

I think the problem is that they have become comfortable and because they weren’t challenged when they brought in the baby bath and left it there and other items into your shared space and created mess they have carried on.

I would sit down and have a chat with them. Remind them that this is a shared space of which they are renting one room. That all their belongings including for the baby need to be kept in there.

That they have a responsibility to clean up after themselves without being reminded.

Let them know that if this doesn’t work for them and they continue to leave a mess and their belongings in the communal area, you will need to ask BNB to cancel their booking and for them to leave.

You are not making them homeless, you are letting them know that if they want to continue to stay in your home there are certain rules and ways of behaving and that they shouldn’t have to be continually pointed out to them.

I am sure they have parents, relatives and friends, it is their responsibility to help them with their housing situation, not yours.


I’m not confident how good a resource your boss really is. There is no way you have the right to do these things without following a lengthy and expensive legal process and you would never get away with charging a person $30 while you are evicting them. Perhaps check with a lawyer on these things next time…

Re; the general advice you seek…I would be contacting ABB NOW, not later, getting photos of everything and seeking ABB give them a final warning. One more thing and your out. FYI, if I were a guest in the other room, I would be cancelling my own booking if I was on holidays and you had rented the other room to a ‘stay at home mum’ leaving baby mess everywhere. Not what people are expecting when they rent a room for their holiday.

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Silly question…

How do you know they’re homeless? If they were, it seems to be weird to use AirBNB for shelter considering the six weeks would have been paid up-front. Is your room cheaper to rent than an apartment?

Serious advice…

What the other posters have said about getting some legal advice; advising AirBNB; and also having a sit down conversation with them again to lay down the ground rules.

And a story…

We had a guest recently where we bent our rules. (I know! I know!) He was coming to Perth for his Masters with his wife and two young kids…from Mongolia. We have a one bed flat which has a max capacity of two people, but he asked if the kids were OK and we agreed. (It was only a week, right?! The kids were also really adorable.) We asked if he had somewhere to go after the booking and he said yes…

We then got phone calls from estate agents asking for reference checks. The guy clearly had nothing to go to after the booking, and we extended for a week.

My husband and I had to have a chat about what we did if they didn’t have a place to go to after the second booking, and we decided we’d help them looking for another place. We’ve all been young. I remember being a stranger in a strange land at 18, and sometimes people don’t realize they need help. They also don’t realize they’re being…inconvenient.

They ended up finding a place and moved out at the end of the second booking. (We granted them a late check-out that day).


The $30 an hour clause I made up because I have a house cleaner and people were over staying. I have never used it but it has been extremely effective in getting people out on time. (House rules are framed in each bedroom).
I also have in the rules that their possessions will be removed from the room if they overstay their booking because I’ve had people not come back for their stuff and other guests come in the mean time.
My Boss didn’t give me that advice-- :slight_smile:

Helsi I agree with you 100%. I work full time and last thing I want to do when I get home is police my guests. generally Airbnb guests have common sense and don’t leave huge messes.

I’m going to take your advice. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Ash953,

Good on you (as the British say) for helping out. Many of us have been strangers in a strange land. And we all need help sometimes.

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As others have said, do take photos of the mess and shared items in communal areas for reference and that you are recording any discussions with them through BNB’s messaging system. (this should have been done from the start).

Make sure they are clear that they are on a final warning and any further breaking of your house rules including mess and their items left in shared areas will mean you have no choice but to ask them to leave.

When you are having a chat, you can also ask them about where there are moving onto next and make it clear to them (tell a little white lie if you have to) that their room is not available after the end of their stay.

I do hope they will be going home to their family over Christmas so you don’t have them there over the festive season

Maybe you should document on the messaging system, all the conversations you had about staying tidy.

Hello, xxx guest,

This message is to remind you of our discussion about keeping the space tidy and about the parameters of your rental of our private room and shared bath.

On xx day, I reminded you to clean up the mess from the baby feeding.
On xx day, I reminded you to remove the baby bath and other baby contraptions from the shared area.
On xxx day, blah blah blah.

It’s unacceptable to use our home in this manner. We have two other guests renting rooms here. Please immediately comply with our house rules or we will need to make other arrangements. Thank you.

I would also take photos, as suggested by others, just to have this documentation ready.

Then I would call Air and ask if it is possible for this reservation to,be canceled (not by you but by them) and ask that these guests be moved out ASAP. They’ve broken your house rules so there are grounds.

Call a lawyer (often they won’t charge if you call and ask one of you have a case) and find out what to do if they overstay. Be ready because it sounds like they plan to.

@Scullard89 – I mean this kindly ~ you really need to look beyond the end of the nose in this matter because trouble is a-brewing. You seem to be ignoring all the signs of what should be the ‘last straw.’ You want to keep trying to educate your guest even though you wrote, “…being direct has not helped”.

Hel-lo…what more do you need as evidence and sage advice from experienced hosts as reason to send them on their way now. Get Air involved to do the dirty deed.

More so than the cleaning up, the most concerning thing to me is that they are homeless. For you to be housing them for over 30 days and expecting them to cooperate and leave voluntarily at the end of their stay is a stretch.

I don’t know what kind of a rental agreement or lease you have with them but it is highly unlikely you will have the right to remove their property or do any forceful action without severe penalty. I own a LTR in Bend and there are the usual stringent hoops to jump through to get a tenant out. You will likely lose a lot more money than this rental is bringing in.




Also… See more on this thread…We’ve been down this road before…