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Long term Airbnb bookings 30-days or more anyone done?

Has anyone done a longer term Booking(30-days or more) either as a host(hosing for someone) or as a Guest, and what was it like?

It was great. The first was an older couple who needed to be near the hospital.
She cooked a lot but was compulsively clean. The second was a young person completing a medical requirement at the local hospital. Didnt cook, left the place immaculate. My next is a grad student couple and I expect to see more of them.
My place is a seperate apartment attached to my house, so privacy is not an issue. I find that people coming to town for a while have a job and are getting on with it. Also, twice the people rented for the month or 2 but left early leaving me the extra days to rent out.

Be careful of these as they can confer long term tenant status to the guest, who can then squat and will have to be evicted through a regular court process. We have discussed this topic many times on these boards. There are many approaches. I would never ever consider taking an Air booking longer than 21 days.

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I stopped taking long term guests as they begin to act as if they are resentful of the house rules. They just get too comfortable.


Nothing over 29 days for me. It’s not just the squatting thing though. I find that guests who stay here for a week or less truly appreciate the place. When it’s much longer, they start to take the wonderfulness for granted :slightly_smiling:

Plus, shorter stays means more reviews.

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Aside from the possible squatting issue, I would be unable to tolerate guests more than a few days. 4 days is my max and by day 3 I’m usually looking to go get myself a hotel room :slight_smile:

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