London Linen & Cleaning services

I have about 19 airbnb flats and used a host management company to manage my bookings, linen and cleaning. To be honest they were great at first then it became terrible. I am now going to stop working with them.

I was wondering if anyone else has done the same thing? (My friend only has 2 apartments, so I am eager to hear from larger Airbnb Hosts). I know I will save ALOT of money doing it this way, as they don’t charge a commission on booking which is a BIG plus.

Another main reason for doing this switch over is, I have more control on my bookings, who is in the property and the TLC the guests receive. I feel like they are eager to accept any booking into my properties without any respect for the property itself.

Thanks x

19 properties? How will the new London rules affect you?


Hey Deb, for two of the apartment blocks which consists of 6 flats each, I have the relevant permissions to do short let all year round. The other 5 I am doing a mixture of long lets and filling the void periods with 90 days of Airbnb.

What is interesting is that the host management company was breaking the rules and keeping it on for Longer. I am not the only one that has experienced this, a few other people I have spoken to say their Host management companies break the rules all the time.

I am interested to see how the London rules will be fully enforced and what repercussions there will be. Hence why I am further interested in keeping control of the bookings in my hands to ensure long term stability.

What about you?

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I have 4 entire houses that I own outright with all the relevant permissions in my area. I manage these my self with the occasional help of a cleaner.
I would be vary wary of breaking any of the rules in Londan after watching the closure of thousands of Airbnb accounts in New York.

Thats great! How do you manage with the linen? I have bought linen from John Lewis and being trying to do it myself and now its turned into a huge chore! I also cant seem to get all stains out of the linen specially the sweat stains on pillow cases and occasional blood stains…and youtube hints and tips are not working :frowning:

I am using the Airlinen linen hire today for the first time, so I will see how it turns out. I need to figure out what is the best way to handling the bedding for airbnb…do it myself or outsource!

Maria, have a look on-line at Absolutely Home Textiles, particularly for the amount of linen you need. My jaw dropped when I saw their prices. I tried some samples first and found them excellent, and have since bought bulk bales of easy iron, 600 tc percale sheets, Egyptian cotton towels, duvet covers and pillow cases. I previously used Sanderson sheets, which were terribly heavy, a pain to iron and degraded quickly. I now outsource my laundry, apart from pillow cases and towels, even though I only have three letting rooms in a B&B in Kent!

Good luck with your new strategy.


I had a look, pretty expensive! I used Linen Connect before and they were pretty much the same… and then the cost of getting it laundered in London is not cheap!

I will see how Airlinen perform today and update everyone.

I think you work for this company. Promotional posts are not allowed on the forum. We especially don’t like it if you post a fake post pretending to be a customer.

Be honest and tell us if you work for this place. If so, I’ll have to remove the post.

I am quite surprised you think this…the forum is really informative, but there are no discussions or anything about any linen hire companies in London. So I thought I would ask and give my feedback in case anyone is looking for the same information in the future. Host management companies have become very incompetent as they have grown and I am sure there are a many others in the same boots as me having similar issues.

How much did they charge?

for a 2 bedroom apartment with two double beds it cost me £55.00
£12.50 per bed (linen and towels), I had two bed sets delivered
£15.00 per hour for cleaning - I had 2 hours

I have a sofa bed in the apartment too, but I didn’t order linen for for this. For the sofa and air beds I use ikea linen as I do not iron them and it does not really make a difference.

That does not seem too bad. well as long as your price point can cover it.

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Sorry to distrust you but we get a lot of this. You joined two days ago. Do you represent the company or don’t you?
You made a big deal of giving their name and then listing everything they do. Even the prices. You do sound like a sales rep for them making a blog/social media/forum post.

No I definitely don’t. Just thought I would be informative just like the other users on this thread. I mean Joan was detailed does not means shes a sales rep for Absolute Home Textiles!

There was no easy to use Airbnb forum that was active, so I joined here to see if I would have any luck…search the forum, theres nothing about linen hire reviews and nothing on google.

Certainly! What are you paying?

Policy is that we generally don’t allow references or links to outside companies. Much of it turns out to be promotional.
Yours seemed suspicious --that’s why I asked.

If you are a regular, known and contributing member here, there are exceptions. Case by case basis.

In fact, can you please edit your post to remove the links to a specific company name?

I removed it - but can I ask…I went out of my way to ensure I do not reference the host management company in the event I would get accused of defamation…would it be allowed to explain my experience with the shoddy service that I received over and over again and name them?

No, this is not really the place for that. If you want to say something about a company you have had disappointing results with, speak of them in the generic and invite users to PM you for more info. We really don’t want this forum turning into a b*#ching venue.

I also removed all the other specific posts. It’s not the place for it. I edited out the name as well.

Ok sure - fair enough!