London 90-day rule enforced


Thought other London hosts would be interested in my experience…

After some soul searching, I decided to start a second listing for my property to get round the 90 day rule, figuring that if I changed enough details (slightly different address, slightly different photos, totally new description) I wouldn’t get found out. Well guess what, I did. Within two days of creating the listing I was sent a notice that it had been deactivated because it was too close to another on airbnb (my original listing had been snoozed, btw).

In those two days, I had had a booking which airbnb said would be cancelled, but my guest wasn’t informed, which wasn’t nice for her either.

So, if you’re thinking about bending the rules and figure you won’t get caught, you might want to think again.


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Serves you right for trying to cheat the system.

Thanks, Joe, for the information - I’ve got several friends hosting in London and will pass it on.