London 90 Day limit - what now?

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I don’t believe the 90 day limit is down to Airbnb - it’s our own governments legislature and has in fact been in force a number of years. What’s new is Airbnb’s monitoring of compliance with existing laws.


Is this rule also for private rooms in a hosts house?

If not, can’t you just rent it as a private room instead of an entire house. Not changing what you offer, just the box you tick in AirBnB.
Or make 4 accounts and 4 listings: A spring listing thats only open in spring, a summer listing etc. … It would be the same house, just on different accounts.

I’m Belgian, we tend to be creative with legislation and usually even get away with it. :laughing:
NOT ME :innocent: others.


As @Zandra says this legislation has been in place for quite a number of years, it’s just that many Airbnb hosts with whole properties to let (including it seems yourself) ignored it and Airbnb didn’t do anything to ensure these hosts complied.

I am sorry that despite Airbnb notifying you that it decided to enforce the 90 day limit from 2017 YOU decided to exceed this limit.

I am also sorry that you are considering letting these guests down by cancelling their bookings.

Airbnb haven’t inflicted anything, You as a landlord decided to exceed the permitted short term letting legislation in London. Hopefully, as they will be without accommodation because of your actions, you will help them find alternative accommodation with landlords that have applied for planning permission for short term lets or who are working within the 90 day limit.

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Thanks GutHend. An amusing and interesting suggestion.

I see that you’ve only just joined the forum and I, and others, would really be grateful if you could try to curb your attacks on members. You’re very welcome to post here civilly. Thanks.

But as you say,. you have better things to do.


you could ask the question in tje London FB group, I saw several members discussing the matter, I don’t live in London so I can’t help

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So when you said ‘interested in your views on this’ in your original post…what you meant was only interested in your views if they co-incide with mine :slight_smile:


Hear! Hear! We get a lot of those don’t we?


I am unable to follow your logic.

Firstly you suggested Airbnb was a fault. I pointed out that air didn’t write the law so in my opinion saying Airbnb is at fault is a stretch.

You seem to be saying if you want to break the law then so be it. Airbnb should do nothing to ensure responsible hosting.

The fact that Airbnb has been under pressure to ensure hosts comply with local laws is … irrelevant ? And the fact that you got a free pass for a few years is also Airbnb’s fault?

No offence but it’s exactly your attitude as a host that made governments and lobby groups put so much pressure on Airbnb in the first place and is the reason the party has come to an end.

Planning persmisson is there for a reason … that house you’re so eager to let as an STR 365 days a year should be residential accommodation. Apply for the required permits if you’re looking to turn it into a commercial interest and all should be fine for you.


Have you explored different avenues - like maybe doing 6 month lets or letting to business type people that maybe in town for a few months. All off the Airbnb platform. I get why they are doing this in London there is a chronic shortage of long term lets - im actually surprised it’s not less then 90 days.


Thanks Kirsty, appreciate that feedback.

I re-read your OP and I don’t see a question. Would you care to clearly state a question?[quote=“jbtparsons, post:15, topic:12251”]
What I was asking was whether other people found themselves in the same position as me in that there are fragmented bookings that don’t stack up economically and if so how they intend to deal with that situation.

Oh, here it is. How did these get fragmented? You control your calendar. Next year, if you are still on airbnb, you can open up your calendar for just a month or two at a time. Once you’ve filled your 90 days with more contiguous bookings you can put if up for a longer term lease or use a different platform. You are probably aware that cities with limits are starting to purchase software to ferret out violators and the fines can be steep. It just might not be economical for you to continue short term rentals.

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