Lodgify any review on it?


Anyone that have some experience with lodgify?

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Do you have any experience with them?

No that’s why I am asking if anyone had tried it

I didn’t know about these various sites but have just looked at Bookville and Logify. So thank you for the alert. Logify appears to be the better for those with one or two properties and seems to be making it easy to create a beautiful web site that will then link with Airbnb, VRBO, Home Away etc. into a unified calendar. It provides customizable pages, a credit card page, and others that we are likely to use if-when we want the option to market and sell our bookings on our own. Recently, when VRBO announced increased fees, I decided to back out of that site and begin to build my own site so that if Airbnb were to be bought by the VRBO group of sites and then be bought by an Expedia type site, that I could still operate on my own. The first outstanding question I have is how, if the property is marketed on the Airbnb site, does payment, insurance, cancellation, and the other parts still operate and show up in Logify software, on the customer’s screen, on Airbnb’s screen, on my screen. Then, second question, does this hurt our standing with Airbnb and the other sites we might want to list with? Third question, how to we track the income and expenses in Logify?

Don t know about your questions. For us it s important the calendar synch and get the card processing. I will soon make a try i think

There is another one very similar called Myvr though I haven’t tried any of them to build an opinion