Locks for bi fold or french doors retrofit

I remember somebody posted a link for locks for this kind of thing. I couldn’t seem to search it so if somebody can remember it or suggest. I have full-size doors that open out like French doors, the cover my washer and dryer. I need something so that I can lock them closed for clamped them closed when I have guests does anybody have a link or an idea on what like I can buy for this?

The one I saw was about wardrobe sliding doors rather than French doors - have you looked on Ebay or Amazon… I am sure they will have something.

Simplest and cheapest is a concealed security bolt at the top of each door, just depends on how secure you want it.

great! Except I am in the US. Any links for similar here?

Well flippin eck I didn’t know that…try ebay.com instead

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What kind of handle or latching mechanism do these doors have now?

none. they simply close without any latch or lock

If the door is thick enough and you have a hole saw and large drill bit you could just install a deadbolt or a locking handle if you really want it securely locked without attaching something hideous like a clasp with a padlock. Maybe check pocket door locks or mortise style locks.

Maybe this would work. https://www.amazon.com/Nu-set-Heavy-Duty-Night-Latch/dp/B002IPIOK8/ref=sr_1_4?