Lock Box for keys

I’m considering a lock box with a combination for storing keys outside my the front door of my apartment block. This will mostly be used by cleaners but also guests on the few occasions I won’t be able to greet them. Anyone can recommend a particular model that they used first hand? Thanks.

We are using this model

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What about a keypad instead where guests can punch in a code? I used to have a lock box but guests would put the keys back in and not close the box properly.

A keypad is not possible as this is an apartment block and I can’t change the lock on the front door.

If you can’t fit the lock to the walls - say because of apartment restrictions, the below lock might come in handy.

On Amazon.

If the door is auto-lock, ie, no need to use the key while exiting, the guests can leave the keys inside the flat rather than putting it back in the lockbox?

I would be wary of having an auto-lock door on an Airbnb listing. Guests excel at locking themselves out.

Jeopardy Question: The type of phobia where you fear getting out of the shower still naked in a room of a large, upscale hotel, open the outer door by mistake thinking it’s the one taking you to the main inner area, get out and lock yourself out!