Location search would be easier with a KM radius

One thing I find really annoying is the search by suburb restriction. Talking with many guests, they too find this problem. If I want to go and stay in suburb A, I - as a visitor - may not know the next suburb. So it would be really handy to be able to search in suburb A, PLUS ‘1,5,10 kms’. I have tried this myself, by looking up Google earth to find the suburb next to suburb A. Enter search for suburb A - finds me some places. Then look up suburb B - and there are places that didn’t show in my search for suburb A. I sometimes need to go to a specific suburb, an area I have never been to before, so I wouldn’t have a clue what other areas are close by. Having a km radius search would be so much handier.:confused:

I see your point but you can click on neighbourhoods and it lists those within about 5km radius, you can see where these are on the map and see what direction they are in and then do a bit of research for what they offer (if its a desire trip and matters). If its for business only and you don’t care about the area just the proximity to xyz, you could easily see the neighbouring suburbs on the map that is displayed.