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Location algorithm

My airbnb is in my town’s historic section called “Old Town” in Alexandria. Many airbnbs come up when you search for Old Town, Alexandria, but mine never does. It is like having a place in the French Quarter but only appearing in searches for New Orleans. I’ve spoken with CS at Airbnb and was frustrated with the answer, “well, I see the problem…your address is listed as Alexandria, not Old Town” I told her that everyone in Old Town lives in Alexandria. Anybody else have this location specific search problem? Is there a solution? Thanks!

My location problem is that Airbnb includes listings in Juarez Mexico when searching for El Paso. It throws off average prices, availability and more. It makes a lot of their metrics worthless to me. But I still get booked enough so I don’t worry too much.

can you not change it to Old Town, Alexandria @Arbek

Old Town is in my Airbnb Title Heading, but it’s not part of my USPS address.

I ended up putting the exit number off the interstate highway and my city name in my title. One would think the city title was redundant but it wasn’t. After a couple of bookings of my place when they wanted to be elsewhere I added it.




Ugh. That’s been my experience. Sigh…

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