Location a four star review

Okay I just got my second 4 star review—-for location. It is so weird that guests can review location. They choose the location. I’m not choosing it for them. Maybe things to do in the area or something but not location. That is like me choosing to go to Death Valley and having a great description of the weather and the surrounding area and then giving it a four star for location. It’s frankly so dumb. They are choosing the location so why give it a four star.
An insight on this?
I don’t really care because I still have a five star average. I just wondered others thoughts.

You know that the location rating has nothing to do with your Overall rating, right?

Why do people mark down location? Because the things people do make no sense and the location rating shouldn’t even be there. Even if the host described the location misleadingly, that would fall under accuracy.

My only 4 star location rating came from a guest who asked me in a message before she arrived how far it was from my place to where she was taking a course. I told her a more or less 20 minute walk, which is exactly what it is.
She just didn’t like having to walk for 20 minutes (she could have taken a taxi for $5) I guess, even though she chose to book here. And she had been staying at a place right in town a block from where her course was before moving to my place, and complained it was too noisy. So at my place she got quiet, at the other place she got proximity, but she obviously thought she should be able to have both at the same time.

I’ve read hosts saying they got marked down for location because the guests wished it was closer to the beach (where they would have had to pay twice as much), because the area was “sketchy” (read mixed race urban neighborhood), because the neighbor was sitting and smoking a doobie on his own front porch, because there was traffic noise (they booked a place on a main street of a big, vibrant city) or because they booked a place in the countryside and saw some ants.

It’s all quite ludicrous.


No I did not know about it has nothing to do with my overall. Good to know. Thanks
Too bad not all guests are also hosts😉

You mention in the listing about the potential for noise because the house is located on a busy road in the centre of town. They complain about the location - fair if the potential issues are not mentioned…Unfair if it is clearly mentioned.
Unfortunately - GUESTS DON’T READ!!!

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None of the individual star ratings factor into the overall rating. The overall rating is a separate rating the guests give, not an average of the category ratings.

Um, search the forum for all the comments about hosting AirBnB hosts. It’s a great way to spend about 4 hours! Hosts are people, too, and leave just as dumb reviews and can be even higher maintenance (don’t ask me how I know this).

I’ve been dinged on location twice - both for traffic, which I now disclose in the listing and my opening messages. Florida is booming and there is a ton of construction traffic plus all the vacationers clogging up the roads to the beaches. Both sets of guests come from towns with major holiday traffic and booked during Spring Break.

Overall you still have 5 stars, correct? Don’t worry about it.

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Just make sure that your location is described accurately then forget about it. I have a neighbour who described his place as being ‘a 15 minute stroll to the beach’. It’s actually a 30 minute brisk walk. So it’s understandable that he’s get a poor rating for location.

But if your listing is accurate, it’s nothing to worry about.

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Thanks for the info.

Hahaha. Yeah I guess you’re right. Perfect guests are hard to find. And yes I still have five stars.

This would be my listing. My location is clearly disclosed on the map, in the listing description, and in my first communication with the guest.

At least one or two reviews a year, “we wish it was closer to the beach”.
Well, so do I!!!