Local area discounts

I’m putting a discount coupon book in my rental this summer. This company offers books in VA NC &SC.

Discounts on dining, activities like bowling, mini golf, jet ski rental, spa days & more are included.

When I use one dining coupon the book has paid for itself. Of course I’m cherry picking the coupons I want.

I’m guessing your area may have something similar.

Food for thought.

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My husband and I love our discounts and coupons. For some people, a good coupon gives a good little endorphin rush. I know my husband gets a little high when he pages through his Entertainment Book or the localized ones shown here. We bought several Entertainment Books on sale at the end of the year, when we first opened, excited to share such local treasures with our guests. They were clearly marked for guest use. No one even touched them! Not even for the fast food coupons. We were flabbergasted.

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This is why I’m pulling out the coupons I want first so there is usage/value from the purchase.

I’m also putting a note of explanation & invitation to use so hopefully someone will use them.

Well, I can tell you that the fast food coupons would be the last thing I would use.

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We’ll, obviously, but we’re talking about tired, hungry vacation rental guests, here, burned out from beach time, & wrangling multiple kids. I don’t bother with coupon books anymore, anyway.

I used to get a lot of discount coupons and booklets - mostly from the local CVB. But like @momovich I found that they were very rarely used so decided not to bother.

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