Live Sports on Roku?

I have a guest in the house right now asking me how they can watch a live football game on the Roku tv. I have only free channels on the Roku, as well as Netflix/Amazon/Hulu apps that they can use to check in to their own account.

I’m afraid I don’t watch sports so hoping someone here might know how they can do it.

We have Roku TVs too. We also added a Sling TV package as it does provide access to “regular” TV as well as sports as well. Football seems to be the trickiest one because it’s divided up among different channels. I found a good breakdown of the football options here:

I hope it helps a little.

Edit to add: There seems to be some college football on the Roku Channel which comes free with the Roku TV. If he’s trying to watch football today, there is a game on it today at 12 or something.

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If the guest has his own streaming service at home with the sports channel(s) he wants, he can log into his own streaming service at your house and watch whatever he’d watch at home.


@RebeccaF Do you mean like the NFL subscription or something else? I’m not into football and have also had trouble guiding guests who are looking for it.

Thanks @JJD!

I looked it up too and it seems that Hulu has live sports, so they signed up for a free trial online and logged in to the Hulu app with their credentials and that worked. Happy guests! :grin:


Good to know!! Thank you!

Yes. They log in just as they would at home.

But do you know what specific services? I’m really clueless about TV stuff.

Whatever streaming services they use at home.

We didn’t have Netflix until recently. Guests who were here months ago logged into their own Netflix account while here and watched a movie.

@RebeccaF We have tons of streaming services on there, I just am not aware of which ones people are using for sports, but I guess they know, is what you’re saying? Sometimes they ask me which service to use and I am just trying to figure that out. However, if they don’t know, I guess they don’t have the service.

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This was my problem - I stream all of my own tv so know how that works, but don’t watch sports so had to figure out which channels even carry them. Now I know - Hulu has them. (At least whatever kind of football my guests wanted, there could be different types on different services for all I know.)

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A lot of our guests watch their own streaming services, either on our TV or on their own laptop or tablet. If it’s a service they use, they’ll know how to do it.

Exactly. That first link I shared seems helpful but it also shows how complicated it is to get football as it looks like each night of football is available some places but not all - I feel like I need a chart to figure it out. Last time it came up, I sent them to a nice sports bar!

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