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Little TWERP of a guest


I just realized this was your process. You also pontificate about wanting your guests to be satisfied.

By not attempting to make sure your guests are informed and will be happy, it appears you really just want the money and be able to say “I told you”.

Also listen to @KenH—I too would find a way to cancel my reservation if I received the message from you that presented earlier. I’m sure I could find something under the extenuating circumstances to apply (everyone else seems to be able to).

I can appreciate needing a break and snoozing a listing. I’ve had my condo on VRBO & Airbnb. VRBO guest don’t read either. Also I found that VRBO for my area tends to be great if you have a large rental for the grandparents to book so they can have kids & grandkids at the beach for a week. Budget rentals seem to do better on Airbnb.

Please consider changing your home description and accepting the feedback this thread has offered about your communication with guests or VR BO will be as difficult for you as Airbnb.


Here’s what may have happened.

Your guest got his toe caught in a bedsheet. He came in late, made an excuse, and sallied forth with his new friend.

I mean, where else is she going to go at that time of night? Amorous AND cheap.



A couple things might help:

  • Add an “AT BOOKING” section to your house rules. My house rules say “I want you to have a great stay! Since this is a home, not a hotel, please take note of the following:” and then goes into a 3 sentence summary of the listing with common dissatisfiers (AT BOOKING: Be aware that my listing is small, has no full kitchen, and I live on the property w/ cat and BF).
  • Send your house rules to them as soon as you get a reservation - don’t wait 48 hrs. This is how I get great guests! Give the ones who aren’t a match an easy-out. Yes, they should have read the listing. But you’re better letting them off the hook easily and replacing them with another guest who WANTS to stay with you!
  • Add an “easter egg” to your rules. Guests who read mine ask for wine or chocolate. If they don’t mention it I know to go through rules in detail when they arrive. You could make reading house rules a requirement and cancel anyone who doesn’t mention your code phrase or easter egg.

It’s hard to avoid going on the defensive after someone like your twerpy guest. Still, try not to take it out on your next guests. The message you sent would sour me a little, TBH.


So message dont call. I would not be happy if a guest disturbed my sleep by calling unless it was an emergency.


Platform first, text next then calls just for an emergency.

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