Little known perks for hosts

I recently found out that Airbnb will send a smoke and carbon monoxide detector to you for free as part of their push to make Airbnbs safer.
Are there any other little known benefits or perks for hosts out there?
I’ve also heard of companies that partner with you to advertise products, such as mattresses, and will give you things for free if you include a little ad in the property


how did your request this?

I’m not sure they do this anymore. I got one in the mail from them a few years back, along with a First Aid kit. You might be able to call and request the smoke detector.

As for the free mattresses, that was a perk that came through US, your very own Airhost forum!

There is a lot of spam that comes through here that we have to delete. But if someone has a legitimate offer like that, we will look it over and then let them post it.

A few of us got free mattresses from Tuft and Needle, which in MHO offered “meh” quality… But the best one by FAR was the Nest Bedding! Both companies are not doing this anymore, so we have closed threads that discuss it.

I got one last year in early 2016.
Offer is under the help section

Airbnb hosts who are over 18 years old and have at least one active and public Airbnb listing for an accommodation are eligible to apply for one combination smoke/carbon monoxide detector (“detector”) paid for by Airbnb if ordered on or before December 31, 2017. This offer is limited to the first 36,000 detectors (“no-cost detectors”), made available on a first-come-first-served basis for use in their listing on Airbnb. This offer will end when supplies of no-cost detectors are exhausted, or December 31, 2017, whichever occurs earlier. This offer is limited to one detector per eligible host.

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Smoke detectors are pretty cheap though, so if you don’t have one go to your nearest Home Depot!

I got the smoke/CO detector, the first aid kit, a book about Airbnb and a magnetized safety card. I also got the Tuft and Needle and Nest Mattresses and a set of towels from people who want me to promote them. And I do. The Nest is a great mattress but for the money the T and N is fine.

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I’d love to know how to get one of those mattresses! :sleeping_bed:

How did you swing that??

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Pretty sure all those offers are over. :neutral_face:

Well, then I’ll just wait for a free vacation giveaway! :grin:

Or a jet pack! :rocket:


Wanna promote your business in my rental, your are more than welcome, Cash Only :sunglasses: :rofl:

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Complete and total luck. Right place, right time. Even now when I think about it it’s surprising.

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It was quite strange. We just had two mattress companies post offers here almost simultaneously. tuft and needle just gave you as many as you wanted, even shipped to Hawaii, yahhhh! . I got one twin and one queen. I didn’t like the twin so my son is using it and we decided to put the Queen on Craigslist and sold it for $600 :rofl::rofl:… I was underwhelmed but others here LOVE their tuft and needles and swear by them. By the time Nest posted their offer, we were a bit over the mattress thing, and I thought I really didn’t need another mattress in a box arriving on my doorstep. I even kind of gave them a meh response. But they talked me into it!!! Oh please let us put our mattresses in your place!
So glad I did because it’s a 1700 mattress with a 150 topper. Crazy comfortable.

Both mattress companies’ offers only worked in the U.S., so it wouldn’t have helped you anyway, Happy. :rofl::rofl:

@KKC @konacoconutz

That’s all pretty amazing!!!

Turning down free, brand-new mattresses - AND as many as you wanted??? WOW!

I have a few friends in the U.S. - I’d make it work! :smiley:

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