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Listings within a couple of hours of Formula One circuits

I know, I hate posts that say ‘I am writing an article and would like hosts to help’ but I think this is one that could be very helpful to a certain niche of guests. I’m compiling a list of Airbnb accommodation that is within reasonable travelling time of F1 circuits throughout the world.

One of the biggest challenges for F1 fans is finding accommodation close by at a reasonable price because hotels really jack up their prices enormously. And I want to use hosts that I know from the forum or those that are recommended by hosts here.

So far, I just have one for Yas Marina - @tomdxb and one for Hungary - @Andras


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“Couple of hours”?
What do you mean by a couple of hours?

Almost every host in Europe is a “couple of hours” away from an F1 circuit.


Hi jaquo,
yes, that’s correct: According to Google Maps, it’s 58 minutes to Yas Marina Circuit from my apartment.

There is high demand around the F1 weekend, and for this year, I am already booked.

Hi @tomdxb your apartment is lovely. One day… it is my dream to go to Yas Marina for the race! I’m not surprised that you’re booked for the F1 weekend.

@Chris - I mean within a couple of hours drive. Hotels and accommodation any closer than that gets booked up very quickly, as Tom knows, and they are very expensive. I’d like to compile a great list for the more impoverished race fan - like me :slight_smile:

You still did not define “a couple of hours”.

Because, 4 hours would mean about 400km. In Europe there are a lot of F1 circuits and a lot of AirBnB’s.

I used to go to the F1 of Belgium, only 2 hours drive away from home. Prices are high within about 50km around the circuit, then the prices drop fast.

I am now living about 3 hours away from the Spielberg circuit. But I would not reccomend anyone staying with me for the F1,

Hi @Chris - I don’t know about you but when I go to F1 races I like to be there around 10am on each day. So accommodation that is up to a four hour drive away is just about acceptable, with a two hour drive being even better. As you know, there can be terrible traffic queues, especially on race day.

Why wouldn’t you recommend your place? The fact that it’s the Red Bull circuit makes it an even more popular venue for some fans.

Why? Because there are plenty of good cheap places just 30 minutes to an hour away.

4 hours away is just ridiculous for european standards. I can imagine that on other continents distances and traveltimes are a lot longer.

Spielberg for example is surrounded by skiresorts, millions of people are there during the winter, So a few thousend for a F1 during low season are hardly noticed.

I am 3 hours from Spielberg, 5 hours from Monza, 5 hours from Hockenheim, 6 hours from Hungaroring.

funny but formula 1 weekends are supposed to be super busy so prices go up significantly in budapest. despite that in the last two summers i had guests that had absolutely no clue of what formula one was. :slight_smile:

Every listing in Singapore.

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@Andras could you let me have your listing? (It seems strange to me that there’s anyone on the planet who hasn’t heard of F1 but I guess I shouldn’t think that way :slight_smile: )

you already have mine but just to be sure:

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Oh yes, so I do. Sorry! My terrible memory is getting even worse the older I get - although it could be caused by my love of red wine though :wine_glass:


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