Listing Titles to Reappear on June 30

Just happened across this in the community forum and I am delighted they are coming back. Staff even went so far as to show good and bad examples of titles to help hosts write better ones…which I expect most in this forum don’t need help with.


While I agree with most of their suggested examples, and yes, those titles with exclamation points and stars and all caps are ridiculous, I don’t agree with the concept of not capitalizing the first letter of each word in a listing title (aside from articles like “the” and “a”).

A title is not a sentence, as they erroneously state. Titles, as in books and movies, buildings, etc. normally have each word in the title capitalized and a listing title is no different, IMO.


The big release from Air which is out of control for hosts and guests and they can’t be bothered to try to fix things.

Instead, in listing titles, they are very willing to tell you where to cross your t’s, dot your i’s and where to forbid using capital letters.

What is wrong with this picture?

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It seems like whoever changes these things sometimes sees the topic through a keyhole and doesn’t consider all implications. It’s just corporate American making priorities that providers and consumers don’t care about and not fixing the things that matter. Common when a business gets large and diversified.

A community forum manager said they are also looking at other items such putting back the number of reviews…again one of the many now broken things that weren’t broken before. So many complaints here, and in the forum.


Posted 6/10 on this forum if you want to see the press release

Thanks, somehow I missed your earlier post. I did scan for a headline to see if this was redundant and missed that too!

It only mentioned a quick sentence with no details plus other changes coming too. It could be easily missed