Listing showing up/ not showing up

We were booked tight through June, but all I’ve had in July is a booking a friend made.

I use smartbnb’s market report casually, and we usually show up in the top ten for our location especially for last minute guests.

But then i got the dreaded x/100 report. I called airbnb cs and they claim my listing has been viewed 1000 times and is there… but since I’m not booked, i really doubt this.

People who have been in Search Limbo, how did you escape? Or did you just have to wait for the next Airbnb upgrade?

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The couple of times it happened to me it seems to have fixed itself. I can find your summer porch listing but not your guest room listing

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Thank you!

I’m able to find the guest room if i search for it by name, but am getting patchy results from general searches.


I would call them and tell them you have disappeared, it has happened to me a few times but i use other platforms so not relying on just air for business