Listing question about children bedroom - Newbie UK host

Hi all
I am getting ready to become a host (UK) for the first time and I have a question for my listing.
I will be listing a “proper” private room (king size bed) with ensuite but I also have a children bedroom available with a singe bed which can be transformed into a double bed (not the most comfy bed when set as a double but its ok for children I guess). I also have spare single mattresses if needed. The children room also have an ensuite bathroom.
My goal is to attract couples with up to 2 children but avoid getting requests for 4 adults since the children bedroom is in my views not really suitable for adults. How should i advertise it?
(I dont want to advertise it as a single listing for 4 guests 2 rooms 2 beds 2 private bathrooms as it would attract the 3 or 4 adults bookings)…
Any advise would be much appreciated… Thank you in advance…

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This is a tricky one. As a new host you should be aware that guests read very little these days so any key information needs to be in your first few words of description or under the listing picture. You might want to avoid Instant Book at first so that you can catch any inappropriate requests. I would include a picture of the second bedroom and bath with the caption that it is only suitable for children or children under a specific age. Depending on what upgrades are needed you might eventually make the second bathroom acceptable for adults and list as a 3.


How about “private suites ideal for young families. Larger suite for parents with adjoining smaller suite best suited for two or three children.”

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Can you make it obvious by the decor? If you have children’s books, toys, posters and so on could that make it clear from the photos that it’s the kids’ room?

Maybe too put a cot in there for the photographs and add ‘cot available on request’ in the blurb.


I’m going to go against your plan. I think if you’re just starting out you should just list the one room for adults. You will get what’s called a new host boost and your listing will be shown to thousands more people than normal. You will also get lots of off the wall, special requests during this time - including huge discounts, long term stays, bringing extra people and providing their own air mattress, requesting exceptions to your rules, etc.

My suggestion is to offer one room for 2 adults, no instant book, and a maximum stay of a week. Don’t make exceptions no matter how nice they “seem.” They are working you and the system.

You will get experience, learn to handle some problems that all new hosts face and will be ready for larger groups in a couple of months. And you will build up reviews so you will no longer look like a newbie on the listing page.


What about splitting the difference and advertising up for maximum 3 adults? Then 4-adult groups who filter for capacity won’t find you. That extra ensuite would attract me as a third wheel adult.

Is the single bed a trundle? If you only want max 2 kids, don’t mention the extra mattress. Then it’s “Single bedroom suitable for one adult or two small children with trundle bed.” Regardless of how you advert it, per Dozer’s stress-reducing suggestion, you may get searchers looking for a bargain to cram 5 adults (if you mention that extra mattress) and may have to deal with sneakers.

if you can monitor, don’t mind being firm, and have a ready answer – can’t accommodate due to the insurance requirements, or whatever – you can make it work.

It’s really down to your preference and your target demographic. Personally, as a single with two adult children, we’ve often vacationed in Airbnbs where I get the “big” private bedroom and the adult siblings make do with a smaller room with twin beds.

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Your setup is exactly like mine, except I also have pullouts that can accommodate 2 more, so my listing shows as sleeping 6. I have Max 2 adults in the title, in the listing, and in the final message that they have to click before they can IB.

I still get plenty of requests for more than two adults, and I just say no. My limit is based on municipal requirements and I’m not willing to risk being shut down.

I did recently add a second listing, along the line that @DozerPug suggested. It is for 1 bed, two adults, and the second bedroom would be locked. Ironically, I have it listed for a higher price, because I’ll allow shorter stays and less notice. It’s brand new, so I can’t report on its success.

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Thank You all for your comments… this site is great!.. I think i will take @DozerPug advise and start small with only 1 double bedroom for 2 adults in order to learn the trade and introduce later the second room and more guests… Thank you again.


I think this will be an ongoing pain, as others have mentioned, guests don’t read thoroughly and also try to get away with ignoring rules. Seems like a hassle to have to question every booking.

I don’t know what kind of guests would be attracted to your area, but if you have strong, reliable wifi, you might consider turning the second bedroom into an office space and market towards business travelers and digital nomads.