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Listing Photographer


Hello all!

I wanted to offer my professional photography services to those who are looking to improve their listing photos or marketing efforts.

I operate a professional real estate photography company in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. However, I travel all over for both pleasure and business. Often I will swap my services in exchange for lodging.

Often several vacation rental owners or managers will get together and offer several homes at one time.

I offer traditional photography, aerial media, Matterport 3D Walk-Through Tours, floor plan creation and more.

If you would like to see samples of my work please send me a message or email me from my profile. I would love to hear from you.

Josh Moore
DFW Virtual Tours



Hi Josh,
I have putting away my plans to a pro photo shot for so long now. Based in metro Atlanta, I do have three listings. I could barter one for lodging and pay for the rest. Of course if you don’t charge me arms and legs.



@selmangwt and Josh, I am also in search of a photo session and am two hours from Atlanta. I see this is an old post, did you and Josh ever work something out? Do you have any recommendations? I had something set up with a young woman named Sarah Sheehan for months and she cancelled on me last night – whole conversation was unprofessional. I found her in Instagram as she was doing nice work, but it’s a side hustle for her and she’s not a pro in business. Wouldn’t recommend. So I came here hoping to find someone else.



Hi Josh,

I’d love to see some samples of your work. Looking for real estate pictures, and if you could provide samples for various types of properties (sleek contemporary, country kitchen, etc.) that would be great.

Thanks so much! Look forward to your reply.



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