Listing on other sites (Home Away, VRBO) Do they all sync together?

Im thinking of listing on other sites as well as Air as we are about to add a few more properties and would like to cast a wider net.

I dont have much experience using sites like Home Away etc, is it easy to keep everything all synced up calendar wise?

Or will I just be giving myself more work trying to organise multiple listings over 3 different platforms?

Would love some experts help on this one before I take the plunge :slight_smile:


I am not sure any system is fool proof, you would have to look at using one of the IT systems or doing everything manually would be safest, well one could be Instant Book for example.

We use Wheelhouse, and Lodgify to host our own website. No problems with syncing calendars so far, and we can easily do our own changes manually, e.g., when blocking off a period for our own sanity or redecorating.

I am using my channel manager to sync between home away, my own website, airbnb, and other listing places.

I will not be able to do myself

I’ve listed on Flipkey (trip advisor) and airbnb and the calendars sync beautifully. BUT I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND FLIPKEY. It’s three weeks after they accidentally cancelled a booking of mine, called all in a panic to ensure I kept the reservation, which we did, and now payment just arrived, but the bank took out a service fee for the wire transfer since they had to go out of sequence to pay me. What a lame company, lame customer service. I know ppl like to gripe about Air customer service, but I’ve had good experiences with it thus far. I’m sure my day will come, but OMG, avoid Flipkey/Tripadvisor. Rant over.