Listing Not Visable & Similar Name

Hi, my name is Andrew and together with my wife Mitzi we have been hosting in our hose at Currumbin, Currumbin Getaway, on the Gold Coast since November 2016. Apart from one lot of bad tenants things have gone well. Recently, one of my friends mentioned to me that he could not find our listing when searching AirBNB. I got some other friends to check and also our daughter in Singapore and the listing was not visable as well. While I was checking, I noticed a new listing with the same name, Currumbin Getaway. The Customer Service Centre contact mentioned that it should not be possible to list with the same name as someone else. The Customer Service Centre has not been very helpful. I was wondering if anyone else has had these issues or if anyone has a suggestion.

It sounds as if your account may have been hacked. Look at the listing number of this “other” Currumbin Getaway and see how it compares to yours. Call CS and stay on the line until you get something more than “should not be possible…” Keep asking to speak to the next higher manager above each person who does not have a helpful answer/solution.

It helps, here, to tell us exactly where you’re from… We’re international on this forum, and “Gold Coast” tells us nothing. I’m assuming your from Oz, but can’t be certain.


I googled Currumbin Getaway and first listing to come up for Airbnb was what I assume is your place due to the same name (Andrew M). I scroll down a bit further and the next place with the same name is listed as being at a place called Currumbin Waters, not Currumbin (smaller print under your place name). As for searching on the Airbnb site I did a google incognito search no dates, 4 people, entire home and up to $129. You didn’t show up on the first page at first but when I clicked in once to zoom and centered on your area by the river you showed up at the bottom of the first page of results.

Thing is, competition is surging and there are tons of slick looking listings with superhosts coming up ahead of you. But if someone needs your price point and your location and they add in a few filters you do indeed come up fairly high in the results.

One more bit of unsolicited advice. Looking on google it says you have 4.5 stars. Starting in May everyone is going to have to average 4.7 so you need to step it up a bit on cleanliness. Maybe hire a professional cleaner or if you have some stuff that’s in need of repair you could look into replacing it. Your listing looks like a good value. It’s plain but tidy so not sure what you are getting marked down on.


Thanks. Yes, we our house is on the Gold Coast, Australia. The other “Currumbin Getaway” has a different listing number. I’ve escalated the issue with CS and will take your advice and go further if needed.


Thanks. Our last 3 reviews have been 5 star but for some reason they show up on Page 4 of the reviews.

The reviews are ordered by country that the guest is from. So I’ll see reviews from US guests, if you’ve had any, first.

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As I pointed out, the other listing is technically in a different town so Airbnb isn’t going to do anything about it. When I started there was fellow who cut and pasted my listing copy into his own listing and just changed a few things. There were only a couple dozen of us similar kinds of private rooms and I was keeping a close eye on the competition. I was furious and wrote him on the platform and asked him to rewrite it. He denied copying me.

You might consider changing your listing title. Honestly “getaway” doesn’t tell the person searching anything about your listing. Most people don’t read much. I cram info into my title: Separate entrance and ensuite bathroom @ I-10 exit 28. The main features of my listing are private room with your own entry and bathroom and close to the major highway going through town. I’ve found these are the main things the guests I like best are looking for. So find your unique niche. Getaway obviously isn’t very unique.

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I agree – it isn’t fair, but I also think you can do better that [Name of town] Getaway. It may even be unintentional. I also had someone in my town copy me - not the title, but, a WORD-for-WORD rip off of my whole listing description of the area and its attractions. She was a kook. Fortunately, my ire spread by word of mouth in the town and she changed her listing.