Listing not showing…

I do a regular check on where my listing shows on the pages.
Incognito search - any dates, my town ~the pages say there are 350 listings in my area, when I look at the listings, only 2 are in my town and neither are mine and the other properties are miles and miles away.
When I put in dates there are more local listings, 3 of mine show up, still lots of non local properties.
Do you think they are screwing with the algorithm again……?

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Something’s going on- lots of posts on the CC in the past week saying the same thing. Listings where there isn’t all that much competition going from page 1 to page 4, with listings in surrounding areas showing up on the first 3 pages and hosts who are normally quite booked suddenly getting no views, inquiries or bookings.

Happened a lot after the Winter update, but seems tobe a flurry of it again lately. Some hosts told by CS that it’s a known glitch, others being told that it is as it should be.

At least one of those hosts said most of their bookings lately have been coming through other platforms, or direct, so maybe Airbnb algorithms have been programmed to punish hosts with blocked calendars that aren’t Airbnb bookings by burying their listings ?


Any chance it’s a browser issue? Google has been messing with me all week. I checked Safari because it’s the one I’m not logged into Airbnb and your places came up for me right away for any-weekend and any-week.

It’s probably that Airbnb understands that unless you are currently incognito in your search, it recognizes you and of course put you at the top of the beginning of the first page. It’s their standard result when somebody’s search engines from your known IP address.


I understand that, of course. Besides, I was talking about Deb’s listings, not my own. I did a private search for her location to see if her listings came up. (and they did)

I’ve said for years that I think the busier you are, the busier you will be. When I block off for a month it will take a week to get a booking but then once I get a booking or two I’ll get one every day or two. I assumed that had to do with my placement on the ranking but I didn’t track it closely. I don’t list elsewhere. I book direct or Airbnb.

Others may feel this is a change; maybe they changed the weight of this factor.

I’ve sort of given up trying to figure out and adjust to each change. Keeping a high rating and frequent, sometimes daily tweaks to my listings wording seem to help. My winter bookings tend to be direct so I don’t look popular and I have to tolerate the impact of that since I love the direct booking. Every now and then I get a wave of inquiries from people who think I am close to someplace they are going like Boston or the New England shore. The more appropriate listing hosts are probably wondering why in the world I show up in a search for their town.


Noticed last night and this a.m. when I put in my town incognito there were no listings within the town. All listings were miles and miles away.
I’ve also noticed for months that it will say 1000 listings for the town which is a joke, last year it used to say 500.

The search said 350 listings for entire homes and I KNOW there are 22 in my town ……the other homes are up to 90 minutes away!
I am not shown on the map either, until I put in dates, then I appear on the first page that tells me there are 199 entire homes!
As a guest. If I am searching for accommodation in a named town, I would get very frustrated and toddle off to B.con as at least the list is accurate!

They have always done the same for my area. I live in a very popular little tourist town an hour’s drive north of Puerto Vallarta. People do not book in Puerto Vallarta if their vacation destination is Sayulita nor vice versa. Yet thousands of Puerto Vallarta listings are listed ahead of, or mixed in with the Sayulita listings, as are other towns further up the coast.

I could understand showing neighboring towns if there were no listings or vacancies in the place guests were searching, but to do it when there are listings available is just stupid.

It makes no sense to me, and it must be really frustrating for guests.