Listing not popping up?

My recent guest just asked me if someone had cancelled on me because my listing was hidden and he had been looking for a place in North Seattle and further north. Meanwhile I haven’t gotten many inquiries even though I know that my listings are below market value. Has anyone had this problem and what can I do to make my listing show up? I’ve only denied one person’s reservation since I started in May and haven’t cancelled any agreed reservations. Also all of my 5 reviews are all 5 star.

Can you post a link to your listing?

And your guests comment is strange. Why on earth would a guest cancelling a booking mean your listing is hidden?

He was referring to that he couldn’t find my room at first so he thought it had been booked before. He’s a first timer using airbnb and a techie (they tend to be varying levels of social awkwardness). I called airbnb and they could only find my listing based on filters, but it doesn’t pop up on the map when someone types in Seattle with no filters. Why is this?