Listing New Space In Already Listed Home

I would love some opinions and feedback:

First, some background:

I currently list the two spare bedrooms I have in my home. The bedrooms are private to each reservation, but the bathroom can be shared between the guests in both rooms if both rooms are booked, and the rest of the house (kitchen, living room, etc.) is shared space between me and the guests. I have been renting them for several years and have lots of good reviews.

Here is the link if it would help to see my current listings:

I am just about to renovate my basement into a one bedroom “suite”. The space is 710 sq ft, and will have a bedroom with either a queen or king bed, full bathroom, and living room for the guest’s exclusive use. There won’t be a full kitchen, but I will be putting a small fridge, microwave, and either a coffee maker/kettle/Keurig in the living room for guests to use. They will also have shared access to the full kitchen on the main floor, as well as the laundry room on the second floor. Both of these spaces may also be used by me or guests in my other rooms.

There will not be a private entrance to the basement, they will need to use the front door, and come through the house.

Here is my question:

Do you get the “new listing” boost if you are adding a new space to an existing profile, or do I need to create a new account and list the new space? I am contemplating de-listing my spare rooms once I have the basement suite up and running. Having up to six guests in the house at any one time might be too much, plus the revenue from the basement suite will hopefully at least equal what I am making from the spare rooms right now.

If anyone has any experience adding new spaces to their listing, I would love to hear from you!

Based on all the god blessed new listings near me cropping up like mushrooms with corporate managers, it looks like they do get the boost. They get Superhost designation on 4.2 star properties, too.

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I would keep your account so guests can see your prior good reviews.

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Does every room in your basement have a window for exit?

No, but the bedroom has two, which is in compliance with the fire code here.

Whilst I don’t have experience of adding a new space to my home, I do have experience of having up to six guests at any one time. Fortunately this doesn’t happen very often, as I let the “suite” of two Kings and own bathroom to families /groups of friends only; they must know each other and be happy to share that bathroom.

I had six guests this past weekend x three couples, four of them friends in the suite, and yes, it can be too much for more than two nights on the trot, and that’s without access to my kitchen or our own sitting room! The group of friends took over the guests dining room, in effect excluding my other two guests. They had brought board games with them which they spread out to cover the table entirely (it’s huge; seats up to ten…), which I had to clear before serving them all breakfast. They were less than happy as they were in the middle of a game. Tough love; I suggested they take it to the pub with them next time, so I can lay the table before bed.

Intrigued to know what/if they’ll review, but I don’t recommend six guests in your home.