LIsting Name Changed by AirBnb

What an odd thing happened. My listing is “Weweantic Oasis”. It has always been Weweantic Oasis, since I started more than 3 years ago.

I was checking my listing, which I do periodically, and I made a few minor changes. I clicked on the “view” button, and the name of my listing was changed to “Youantic Oasis”. WTH. I doulble check the name in the edit tab. Yep, it’s Weweantic. Go back to view the listing, Youantic.

I logged out of Airbnb and searched for a host in my area, anonymously. My listing was there–Youantic. WTH.

I call superhost support. They say it’s not my issue, they will fix. That was a few days ago. It’s still wrong. I email them, and if I don’t get an answer shortly, I’ll call again.

Has this ever happened to anyone? I’m scratching my head over it.

So it changed “Wewe” to “You”. Sounds like some badly programmed AI bot that thinks it needs to correct your spelling or grammar. At least it didn’t change “wewe” to “urine”. :rofl:

Never heard of this before, but the more AI is used, the more of this kind of thing we’re going to be dealing with. Like poster Keugenia’s listing being categorized as “countryside”, even though her place is in town, just because her cover photo shows a lot of greenspace and a flower garden.


Actually, since AI ‘learns’, the LESS of these we will see, as the AI will learn what is correct in the situation…

Airbnb’s AI has been miscategorizing listings since they came out with the “categories” feature. So it is apparently a very slow learner. Belongs in a “remedial education” class.

And their new “photo tour” feature has been extensively complained about by hosts, mixing up photos into some senseless order.

As far as I’m aware, AI is only as good as the human programming of it. As we are all aware from Airbnb’s glitch-prone site, their programming skills leave a lot to be desired.


Yea, I figured it was an AI thing. But here’s the odd thing…my description says “Spacious owner-occupied home in the quiet Weweantic section of Wareham .” They didn’t change that to Youantic. Go figure that they would leash AI on listing names and not the error-prone description.

They told me they are working on it. Ugh.

Try changing your Title to something else and Saving, then change it back and save again.

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OK, Final answer from support on this. The translation tool is changing my listing name. If you turn off auto translation, the listing name is correct. Put it back on, and it changes the name. The reason this doesn’t make sense is that I have the word “weweantic” in my description (it’s a river) multiple times, and it is not changed there. Why only the listing name?

But the worst part is that Tech support says “If you want all the potential guests to see the name “Weweantic Oasis”, I am sorry to inform you that there is no fix for this since it is generated by the automatic translation system.”

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