'Listing Issues' Warning

Background - I just hired a rental mgmt company b/c my husband and I want to get our house ready to AirBnB, then we’re going to move into the bottom floor of my duplex, also currently on AirBnB. So the rental mgmt company created their own listings, and I snoozed mine until the end of August, when my contract is up.

Today I get a notice of Listing Issues from AirBnB for my two snoozed listings. There’s construction going on in front of my duplex, and the driveway is completely blocked by a giant pile of dirt. I told the last guest he’d have to park on the street, my apologies for the inconvenience, yadda yadda. He said that was fine. Arrived, threw a chat hissy fit, and cancelled his reservation. (I think it was really b/c he didn’t read the listing, three queen beds, five electricians, two men sleeping in a bed together is a horrible, horrible thing) So, whatever. “Free parking missing or unusable” okay, that’s unchecking one box under Amenities, my bad. The construction goes on until June, snoozed listings updated. But Air also brings up a single 3 star review from last August 2022, and a 2 star cleanliness rating from the same review. Bad reviews happen, lesson learned, move on.

I get the parking issue, that just happened last week. But waiting eight months to let me know about a single bad review, when I’ve maintained Superhost status all along? Threatening suspension or removal of my listings if additional issues are reported. I’m guessing it’s a rolling calendar year thing, my listings won’t even go live again until the end of August. Anyone else ever get this ‘final warning’ or am I just a bad, bad host?

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It’s an automated warning I wouldn’t worry about it @shinylizard

Much more worrying is that you have let the new management company put your listing up under their name - rather than what you should have done which is to add them as a cohost on your listing . Now you lose all control over your STR business and they get your reviews .


Cool, thanks @Helsi I appreciate your greater knowledge.

I thought about that exact thing when I decided to get a management company. But I have a ful time job with a new company and my husband is dealing with a brain injury. I bought the duplex intending to finish our house, then move into the ground floor. That was 2.5 years ago. So far we’ve spent all our free time there just cleaning, and not being able to make the building improvements we want to make to be able to move in.

So as we come up on another busy summer, we talked about it and I decided to try a mgmt company for six months. Hopefully this will give us time back. I have no problem managing the listing, but finding cleaning people here is really difficult. I’ve realized Superhost status doesn’t mean squat if you have to lower your price so much you’re not making enough to pay expenses. Even 2.5 years ago when I started short term renting was much more of a ‘mom and pop’ idea here, but now bigger companies have moved in, competition is now fierce and competitive rates are down by about a third of what we could charge last year. I decided a six month stint with a management company was worth the review hit if it got us further along in our moving process. So far it’s really tough being a control freak and learning to let go and see where it leads.

I can’t thank everyone enough on this board for your wisdom, I spend a lot more time lurking and reading than posting, but thanks to everyone.


I think you misunderstood what Helsi said.
It isn’t that you are using a management company, it’s that you allowed them to put the listing under their account. You can have someone else manage for you, leaving the listing under your account, and list them as co-host.

Not only will you not have any reviews for this property, as they will all appear in the PM’s profile, hosts have had PMs refuse to take the listing off their account when the contract rubs out and Airbnb won’t help you.

You should never give up control of your listing by letting someone else put it on their account.


That was exactly my point - thanks @muddy

@shinylizard I’m a cohost and I would never ask the host to put their STR business under my profile.

It’s really simple - the host sets up the listing and adds me as a cohost, setting up the percentage we agree as my fee into the listing so I get paid when you get a bookings once the guest has stayed.

You get access to the platform so you can see who is booking, how much you earn and guest communications.

In your situation I would tell them you are happy to give them your business but the listing needs to be in your name with them added as the cohost .

Is there a reason you’re giving your business to a management company with no experience of doing STR?


Foo, I hadn’t thought of them not giving it back. If I continue to use them after the six months are up, I’ll renegotiate the contract. If there are issues, thankfully i know people in the legal community here. The mgmt company is a new arm of a local firm that restores old houses, and they clearly want to maintain good relations, so hopefully all will go well.