Listing in suburb close to city - question

I’m new and still learning. Our listing is in the suburbs of New Orleans, a 40 minute drive to the city. I’m assuming most, if not all, of our potential guests will be people visiting New Orleans. The issue is, if one searches Airbnb for New Orleans, our listing does not show. I can’t see how anyone will know to search for the name of our town if they are not familiar with the layout of the Greater New Orleans area but would consider our area, especially during peak seasons. Can anyone help me understand how this all works? Thanks.

If i was visiting NOLA i would not want to be 40 mins from the city. My 2 cents.


I understand what you are saying but that is not my question. In some situations, like Jazz Fest, Mardi Gras, big festivals, we are absolutely a great option. My son commutes to NOLA everyday and it is not a big deal for some people. Our guests last weekend told us that we were exactly what they were looking for and loved the fact that they had plenty of free parking for two cars that would have cost a lot to park in the city. They also had a baby and didn’t want to be in the city. I realized afterward that I should have asked them how they found our listing. Therefore, I am asking here.

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@kvb. What you might experience is when there aren’t enough listings left in NOLA proper, the geographic area that is included gets larger and larger. This would mean that for the big events, you might show up. That is the experience for many, however, NOLA has a ton of listings, so the city would have to be really full for the circumference to show 40 minutes out.

As to last week’s guests, the no doubt zoomed out on the map until they found a place with the attributes that they wanted.

EDITED to ADD: or they could do what I have done. Using a map, review where highways go and exits, note the name of the smaller city or town, and then search by that town name.


Hey there, just wanted to say I’m a New Orleans host in Mid-City, howdy.


hi n3rdwOp! Love hearing from others in my area! Born and raised in the city, nothing like it!

smtucker - thanks. That makes a lot of sense about using a map to review highways. We are very close to one particular interstate that NOLA is not, so maybe that is what they needed.
Also, they mentioned wanting more space to spread out because of their toddler. You mentioned attributes. How does that work? Wondering if I have covered our main attributes in my listing that may appeal to some not wanting to be directly in the city.

So if I am understanding correctly, the only way would be on the guests end of things to do more research of the surrounding areas, correct?

I get people staying who want to ski in the adjacent County, all down to how they apply the filters, obviously if they just search for a particular Town I will not show up initially. Nor would I expect to.

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No, you will show up as the places in NO fill up. Airbnb likes to give guests lots of choices so the search area enlarges as the number available properties for a date decline. I recently had someone mistakenly book my place which was 50 miles from where he wanted to stay. He wanted to stay in a small town with few listing and it was a same day booking. If you are the one out of the way in town with lots of places you’ll be much further down in search.

As you realize, every search is different. Someone using the map or filtering for things you offer will find you. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t book up for events until closer to the events.

Thanks. This is very helpful! Can you comment on things that may be considered a plus or used in the filtering process that I may be overlooking.

This is different for everyone. If I came to NOLA during an event I’d be drinking so looking for a place in the Quarter or along the Trolley lines. If I were driving through on the way to somewhere I’d want a place along 1-10. If I came for business I’d want to be close to my meetings.

In general I want a private bathroom, ensuite is the best. Unfortunately there isn’t a filter for that or private entrance. I have a private entrance that I added two years ago. Guests love that feature. I want wireless and AC. I don’t need a kitchen but I’d love to have coffee in the morning and a small fridge in the room.

You said you allow children, many people don’t.

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I’m on the Big Island of Hawaii and have to be super clear about where we are located, and I still get people who don’t understand the location… I would advise to be absolutely clear in your listing exactly how far you are, the pros and cons and hope for the best. Many won’t read it but at least you have covered yourself.

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