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I’m thinking of setting up a Facebook page for my listing. Please share if you’ve done it how it helped, tips, tricks, costs? Thanks

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It’s free, easy to set up, and it does provide a great entry point for people you reach by Facebook ads or personal promotions.
Are you planning on doing that?
If not, don’t bother.

Yes, does it have to link with personal fb page? Why do you say don’t bother?

Have you ever set up a FB page? You can publish it separately from your personal profile; there is no requirement to display/link to the owner of the page.
I assume you’re thinking of making a page for promotional reasons, correct? In that case, don’t bother publishing an FB page UNLESS you have a funnel to lead people to view it, AND you plan to convert the page viewers into paying guests. Otherwise, it’s just going to be another page with pretty photos, no followers, and you’re going to abandon it after a month because it’s not making you any sales.

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Yes, I have an FB page for my Airbnb listing. I mention it on my communication to my guests once they book. Sort of…

PS: you can visit my fb page here… I don’t promote as much since I’m busy with other stuff. but it’s good to use.

You can view it here:

I’m not techy, what is a funnel? I had thought to use it for guest’s to share, and a place to post seasonal pics. Obviously, I want to market my listing.


I work in social media and agree with hypertokyo. Facebook has done a good job of monetizing their platform so if you don’t do any paid promotion of the page, very very few will ever see it, and that’s even before you set up the way to book.

I don’t want to book directly, I want to keep it on Airnb platform, I don’t need or want the extra work of doing a booking website.

I have a FB place for my cottage and rooms. A useful thing is the “book now” button that you can put on the FB page. All it is, is a link to Airb&b, so I find it very useful. But if like me, you have more than one listing, it will of course only link to one of them.

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Yes, I have a FB page and an Instagram account for both rentals. I used paid ads occasionally, too, and they are super cheap. Very cost effective if you ask me. When I email guests the reservation confirmation info (which I do with VRBO/HA) I always include a mention of my social media and I encourage my renters to geotag their Instagram photos with my location. That’s really the free advertising part - getting your guests to tag you on Instagram.

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I think this topic refers to creating a FB page for your listing and possibly using paid ads to promote the listing. I’m considering posting ads for free on FB marketplace trying to reach people in larger cities within a 2-3 hour drive of my rental. I would include a link to my listing in the ad for people to book.

Any pros/cons? Would you open yourself up to scammers in some way? Just not sure if it’s worth the time.

I’m trying to fill off season at the moment. The rest of the year I don’t have problems getting bookings.